WooHoo! George Lopez is “Saint George” on FX New Sitcom


He’s back!

Lopez inks 10/90 sit-com deal with FX

For all of you diehard George Lopez fans, guess what? He’s coming back to your living room! Lopez and Lionsgate/Debmar Mercury just signed a 10/90 deal with the FX network where 10-episodes are ordered and if a pre-set ratings markers are met, then automatically another 90 episodes will be ordered. FX is following the deal made with Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management, another Lionsgate/Demar Mercury deal. The 10-episode production begins this August.

Lopez is starring in Saint George, an ensemble comedy revolving around “the chaotic life of a recently divorced working class Mexican-American turned successful entrepreneur,” according to the release. Lopez portrays a man who “struggles to balance his demanding ex-wife, his 11-year-old son, his overbearing mother who just moved in, and his uncle, as well as his new role as a philanthropist giving back by teaching history once a week at night school.” Kind of sounds like his previous ABC hit,  The George Lopez Show but without the wife and a job promotion!

“Working class and a successful entrepreneur and a family man and a school teacher and a philanthropist,” Hmmm sounds like most hard working Mexican men! Just don’t start singing Las Mañitas, George!

“In the tradition of George’s frank and fearless standup comedy, Saint George will reflect his no-holds-barred comedic take on the tensions surrounding race, class, sex and family life in Los Angeles through the eyes of a man straddling two separate cultures,” said Lionsgate TV Group President Kevin Beggs.

“George Lopez is an incredibly gifted actor-producer and one of the most talented comedians in the business,” the network’s EVP Chuck Saftler said. “The 10/90 model requires a unique individual who has the ability to pull off this kind of daunting schedule. George is that guy and we couldn’t be happier that he chose FX as the home for his new project.”

Saint George will be produced by Lionsgate TV in association with Wind Dancer Films, Travieso Prods. and 3 Arts Entertainment.

“I’m excited about my new show, couldn’t think of a better group of people or better place to create than FX,” Lopez said. “Now to get ready… Back to Pilates!”

Saint George joins Debmar-Mercury’s previous 10/90 successes with ethnic family sitcoms: Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne and Meet The Browns and Ice Cube’s Are We There Yet?  “Our business model is all about finding unique talent and broad concepts that have the best chance of succeeding both on networks and later in off-net syndication,” said Debmar-Mercury Co-Presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein. “George Lopez’s broad appeal and strong following from the rapidly growing Hispanic audience, combined with the unmatched experience and track record of Matt and David, makes us extremely confident they can deliver our next big hit.”

Lopez, who is an A-list standup comic and TV actor, is represented by CAA.


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