Vanessa Verduga: From Legal Eagle to Web Series ‘Justice Woman’

 Justice Woman”—Whippin’ Crime into Submission! 

Wonder Woman with a law degree


By Elia Esparza


Lee J. Kaplan and Vanessa Verduga

Vanessa Verduga is a modern day Wonder Woman with a law degree in the new web series she created, Justice Woman… a smart dramedy with realistic plot twist with a pinch of humor.


Verduga has always been a fan of action TV crime fighters like Wonder Woman, Batman (morphs a sexy Batgirl) and the more realistic Law & Order because she is an attorney with a wild imagination. Now she can add “triple threat” (actor/writer/producer) to her resume after creating and launching her new web series. Oh, did we forget to mention she’s an award-winning filmmaker?

If Will & Grace were an action, crime fighting show, it’d be Justice Woman!


Justice Woman Trailer (1:05)


Legal eagle Verduga conjured up her own super-heroine alter-ego, switched to solo legal practice to support her pursuit of an acting career, decided the best way to find a role to showcase her talents and promote her passions was to create it! Bravo! A Latina doing whatever it takes to turn her dreams into a reality. That takes some “brass” to do! Justice Woman is a story Verduga created with the fundamental beliefs and commitment she has to exposing injustices, and helping the innocent get justice. She adds the comedy factor because as one of her favorite poets once said: “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”


Vanessa Verduga stars as Sofia Escala aka Justice Woman. As an attorney, she combines all her skill sets to work on projects that advocate for the disenfranchised and fight against injustice. She co-wrote Danny First, an award-winning short film based on her relationship with her autistic brother Tony, and is a producer of H.O.M.E., a feature film that explores the universal nightmare of being lost, alone and desperate to communicate through the experiences of immigrants to New York City. Verduga is also finishing the screenplay for The Implications of Cohabitation, a feature length comedy to begin pre-production in 2013.

Justice Woman premieres October 4, 2012 on

Cast: Vanessa Verduga, Lee J. Caplan, Luke Guldan
Released by Justice Woman Products LLC

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