The Secret Lives of The “Devious Maids” Back on April 20th


By Bel Hernandez

marccherry_thumbMarc Cherry’s Devious Maids, with its many twists and turns of the first season, has taught us is that there is more than housework skills his devious maids possess. Back on the Lifetime Channel on April 20th (10pm/9 c), if season one of Devious Maids is any indication, there is a lot more sex, lies, deceit, love, melodrama and lots of secrets to look forward this upcoming season.

Catch up with season one before the new season begins.  Find out about the illicit affairs, learn the sordid details behind a shocking murder that started the series.  Who killed Flora Hernandez?  Devious Maids: The Complete First Season went on sale on March 18th (see below).  So if you missed the episodes get caught up in time for season two!  In there you will catch the triumphant victory of the combined “maid’s effort” that saw the killer of their friend and fellow maid, Flora Hernandez get his just due. As they celebrate the kind hearted Rosie (Dania Ramirez) being picked up by immigration. Why?

Having overcome the initial negative backlash from the Latino community of being a show about Latina maids, the writing saved it.  The multi-dimensional characters, lots of drama and surprises in the first season lead to a ratings increase of over 50% from the premiere episode in June of 2013 to the season finale when it had 3 million viewers.

eva_thumbEva Longoria (also an executive producer on the show) makes her TV directorial debut with the first episode of season tow. She has the job to begin to decipher, set the tone and answer the many questions left hanging in last season’s final episode. Does Valentina (Edy Ganam) run off to Africa?  Does Carmen marry Alejandro (Matt Sedeno) to help keep his macho image and get a recording contract – what she has always wanted?  These are just a few of the cliffhangers fans can’t wait to find out.

We got a hint from Marc Cherry as to what we can expect in season two from Marisol (Ana Ortiz) character now that her mission to save her son is over. “Marisol will marry a rich man, and she has a devious maid working for her,” he said.

As for Zoila (Judy Reyes), now that she is at odds with her daughter for having meddled in her love life, which also causes her marital problems, she is forced to move in with melodramatic and occasionally suicidal employer, Genevieve Delatour (Susan Lucci).

However, not much is revealed as to storyline by the creatives for season two, or for that matter the talent — they are sworn to secrecy, which happens to be the tagline for season two.  There seems to once again be many secrets to be revealed.  Stay tuned.

Devious Maids has quickly become a hit,” said Lifetime’s EVP and GM Rob Sharenow. Created by Marc Cherry based on the telenovela Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar, Devious Maids is executive produced by Cherry, Sabrina Wind, Eva Longoria, Paul McGuigan, Larry Shuman, David Lonner, John Mass, Paul Presburger and Michael Garcia. ABC Studios is producing.

DVD of Season One:  Devious Maids: The Complete First Season.
The show may be set in 90210, but the action is far from Beverly Hills, CA.  Come along as the cast and crew share some of their favorite things about shooting the series on location in Atlanta, GA.
Includes Bloopers, Deleted Scenes, Extended Scenes.   Subtitled in English, Spanish, and French.  Approximately 559 minutes (13 episodes) of devious fun!


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