The Rivera’s Reality Show to Premiere on NBC UNIVERSO

Los Angeles, CA-  When Jenni Rivera was killed in an airplane accident the modern entertainment and sports cable channel for Latinos announced the premiere of The Riveras, its new celeb-reality series that follows the children of late Mexican- American music icon and reality star, Jenni Rivera on Sunday, October 16 at 10pm/9C. On this new reality show viewers will get to see  Jenni’s five children: Chiquis, Jacqie, Mikey, Jenicka and Johnny as they step up and pull together to pursue their biggest dreams with humor and love.

“We want to show the world you can continue moving forward despite adversities. Yes, life without our mother has been painful and difficult. We have weak moments but at the end of the day we come together as family to figure it out,” stated Chiquis, the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera.  “Our goal is to represent our mother as the great woman she was and viewers will get to see that through all of us. It’s important to show the public who we are and to discover the truth …a lot has been said on the news and tabloids,” she added.

The 10-episode season of The Riveras, picks up nearly four years after the tragic death of “La Diva de Banda” in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, which left the family devastated and millions of fans around the world mourning her loss. Since her passing a lot has happened with one of the most beloved Regional Mexican families.

“We are excited to give viewers access to Jenni Rivera’s biggest legacy, her children, and to witness their evolution,” said Bilai Joa Silar, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production, NBC UNIVERSO. “Chiquis, Jacqie, Mikey, Jenicka and Johnny are spreading their wings and doing their best to make their mother proud. We are confident our audience will fall in love with The Riveras.

More about the cast: 

  • Chiquis – 31 years old. Singer, Author, Entrepreneur. This year will be a very trying time for Chiquis as she tries to juggle her singing career, a tour, run her hair salon “Blow Me Dry” and “Be Flawless” skincare and make-up line, while continuing to help her four siblings who need a mother-figure in their lives.
  • Jacqie 26 years old. Mother of three, Jacqie fears she’s losing her fun, rebellious side. She has ambitions to pursue a gospel singing career, but she first needs to cope with her terrible stage fright with the help of her sister, Chiquis.
  • Mikey25 years old. Coping with the loss of his mother, Mikey has turned to art to channel his emotions and give back to the community. He runs the on-line store of his mother’s merchandise. His daughter, now 3 years old, might be autistic and Chiquis is helping him accept it and find help.
  • Jenicka – 18 years old. The youngest Rivera daughter is ready to navigate her own world by her own rules. Chiquis and Jacqui are having a hard time letting go but are learning to compromise. She’s starting a designer hat line with her friend and wants to help kids who have lost their parents; she is also studying child psychology.
  • Johnny – 15 years old. The troublemaker in the bunch, Johnny is now a teenager and having a hard time abiding by the rules. Chiquis has even considered giving up her singing career to keep a better eye on him.
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