“The Fosters” Cleaning Up & Meeting Mom For First Time

Tonight’s Episode 8, Clean – is not to be missed! 9PM on ABC Family


By Elia Esparza

One of this summer’s most impressive shows on TV has to be the Jennifer Lopez produced ABC Family drama The Fosters. This drama has made a splash by tackling a slew of hot topic issues (religious views, lesbian and gay couples raising kids, their spiritual beliefs along with a sharp focus on the challenged and broken child welfare and foster kids systems).

In my opinion, the best TV is the kind that brings about dialogue and covers a wide range of causes, provides information and actions on social change – all while entertaining us. Also, it does not escape me that the drama is set in Chula Vista, Calif. my childhood hometown! To say, I connect with the storyline, characters, etc. is an understatement!

Recap of Episode 7, The Fallout

In last week’s episode Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) who is furious about her BFF Lexi’s (Bianca A. Santos)

Cierra Ramirez, Bianca A. Santos
Cierra Ramirez, Bianca A. Santos

relationship with her twin Jesus (Jake T. Austin) and like the spoiled brat that she is blurts out (in a drunken stupor) that Lexi and Jesus are having sex at a family dinner where the Fosters were getting to know Lexi’s parents, the extremely traditional and religious Ernesto and Sofia Rivera (Carlos Sanz and Justina Machado). Mariana has no idea how much trouble her immature tantrum has caused.

Meanwhile, Callie (Maia Mitchell) runs into her past – her former foster brother Liam (Brandon Jones) who is nothing but trouble and a major predator. Callie has a hard time walking away because Liam has now set his sights on his new foster little sister. Callie confides in Brandon (David Lambert), the Foster’s biological son and her new foster brother. He encourages her to confront her painful memory from her past (Liam raped her) all in an effort to keep Liam away from his new prey.

The-Fosters-season-1-episode-6-tweets-teaserAs if all this is not enough, after Mariana spills the beans about Lexi and Jesus, her parents pull her out of school and have made arrangements to ship her off to Texas to live with an aunt and attend a boarding school. Lexi in desperation runs away and her parents seek the Foster moms Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum) to help find their girl. Stef, a policewoman wants to file a missing person’s report but the parents are dead set against it. We later find out that they are undocumented immigrants from Guatemala and are fearful of the police or any American agency. Mariana overhears this and that Lexi is also undocumented.

Mom Stef gives Mariana a good lecture and the spoiled brat has a come to Jesus moment and decides she doesn’t like who she’s become and decides to right all of her shenanigans that hurt her family. She realizes how selfish and misplaced her betrayal emotions have been. Mariana learns the benefits of forgiveness.

Callie’s little brother Jude is also having his moments as viewers are introduced to a little boy who is different… in his mannerisms, sensitivity and that special innocent gentleness about him. Mom Lena covets and supports his uniqueness and shares her own childhood experiences about being bullied.

Tonight’s Episode: Clean

After last week’s fallout with Mariana opening her big mouth about her twin Jesus and her BFF Lexi having sex to her parents, in tonight’s episode, she’s on a quest to clean up her mess.

Necar Zadegan

Moms Lena and Stef relationship is tested when Lena’s ex-girlfriend Gretchen (Necar Zadegan) drops by for a visit. The ABC teaser is “A visit from Lena’s beautiful and sophisticated ex reveals a secret yearning Lena has hidden from Step for the past ten years.”

Brandon continues to struggle with his demanding new piano teacher. Foster sister Callie steps up to support him as he has done with her past issues. Tonight’s episode also deals with Step’s ex and current police partner Mike’s (Danny Nucci) drinking problem — who also happens to be Brandon’s bio dad.

Cierra Ramirez, Teri Polo, Jake T. Austin

Meanwhile, Mariana solicits her twin Jesus help in convincing Lexi to come home. Last week the show ended with twins telling Lexi that she’s an undocumented immigrant and end with all three teens walking into the Foster’s home to face the parents. New twin drama tonight when Jesus meets his drug addicted birth mom (Alejandra Barreto) and is forced to intervene in order to keep her away from the vulnerable Mariana.

What happens next is not to be missed!

The Fosters Season 1, Episode 8, Clean airs on Monday, July 22 at 9 p.m. on ABC Family

Show Description: A multi-ethnic family mix of foster, adopted, and biological kids are being raised by two moms.

Source: ABC Family Media



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