Sandra Santiago Plays Erik Estrada’s Wife in “Sangre Negra”


By Mary Chuy

For those of you who are not yet familiar with her, get ready to love her, because this Mexican beauty is not only talented, she is smart and knows exactly what she wants. Actress/ producer Sandra Santiago is currently shooting the Spanish-language TV series Sangre Negra next to our favorite officer of all times Eric Estrada (Chips).  Sangre Negra is set to be air in the fall of 2014; revolves around political struggle with romance not far behind. Santiago plays the role of Eric Estrada’s wife who struggles to protect her kids .

Santiago has been compared to actress Maria Conchita Alosnso, which thrills her because she credits the former Venezuelan Beauty queen as someone who has opened doors not just for her in her new TV series but for Latinos in Hollywood.

I had the opportunity to interview Sandra last week for our website and also for  LATINHEAT TV:

And for the English speakers the translation to the interview is below:

Mary Chuy: Welcome to Latinheat TV Sandra, tell me about Sangre Negra

Sandra Santiago: Sangre Negra is a saga,  Eric Estrada is my husband and we have kids, some are good, and some are not in a very good. As any mother, I just want the best for my kids, and in the series I’m constantly fighting to keep my kids  away from trouble and raise them with good morals.  Sangre Negra Is passion and romance.

MC: You play the role of Eric Estrada’s wife, how is he as a husband?

SS: OMG! Erick Estrada, he is such a lovely person, it was a wonderful experience to work with him! He is such a beautiful human being.

He is a flirt, he naturally is! To be with him on the set is all laughs, he has such charisma, he jokes all the time, even during our dramatic scenes. He likes to play jokes, and I like that because being an actor is something like being a little kid playing a game, and we get to play different characters each time. I play the Latina temperamental mother/wife always trying to protect her kids.

MC: How you got cast in this series?

Sandra Santiago with Maria Conchita Alonso

SS: I feel I was very lucky to be at the right place, at the right moment. Someone saw my headshot.  Many people think I look like Maria Conchita Alonso and it seems like that is why they chose me to play this role. I love Maria Conchita and I think she is a wonderful human being
and if that is the reason they cast me, I thank them for it, and I thank God for this opportunity.

MC: When does Sangre Negra air?

SS: It will air on the the fall of 2014.  Get ready! here comes the new Maria Conchita!

MC: Have you met her?

SS: I do not know her very well, but I have been fortunate to meet her at various events, and like i said before, she is such a beautiful spiritual being.

MC: Did she notice you look like her?

SS: I will tell you this, someone posted on a photo of mine on FB “Sandra Santiago looks just like Maria Conchta Alonso” and to my surprise Maria Conchita answered to the post saying, “I know Sandra.”

MC: Besides this TV series, are you working in any other projects?

SS: Yes, I just finished shooting a film call Pocha it’s in post-production right now.  I play a mother again, and I have a very dramatic scene when my daughter decides to leave for Mexico. I also have another film coming up this year called Time in Between, again I’m the mother and the wife
to a husband who is cheating on her.  I think the Latin community will identify with my character on this film, and I hope people will remember my name. After I shot
this very hard scene, every one on set was was taken by it. Seeing that reaction from my artistic family was a very good feeling, so I’m looking forward to the see the film.

MC: Where can people follow your career?

SS:  I have a website is

Santiago’s other credits include: It’s Never About a Boy “(Dr Lin) The Red Booth  (TV Series)

For more information on Sandra Santiago visit:


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