Puerto Rico: 2013 La Serie Del Caribe (Caribbean Baseball Series) To Air

Alterna’TV and Latin American Sports Channel Air Baseball’s Popular 2013 La Serie del Caribe in Puerto Rico! LAS Channel Carried on DISH Puerto Rico (channel 856)!

Caribbean Series

Miami, FL  – Alterna’TV, a subsidiary of Latin America’sleading satellite service provider SatMex, in partnership with Latin American Sports (LAS) channel, presents the 2013 Caribbean Series, the annual professional baseball tournament for the winter season’s winning teams from the Confederación de Béisbol Profesional del Caribe (Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation).  The Confederation includes teams from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. This year’s tournament games, which take place at the new Sonora Stadium, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, will begin airing on the  Latin American Sports (LAS) channel, carried on DISH PUERTO RICO (channel 856), beginning February 1 through 7 (see schedule below for airtimes).

The Caribbean Series, akin to America’s World Series, has been a longstanding tradition among baseball fans in Latin America and the Caribbean countries, first played in 1946.   Each year, the series is hosted by one of the league’s participating countries.  In 2014, the series moves to Venezuela. Alterna’TV and LAS hold exclusive broadcast rights for The Caribbean Series for the next year in the Puerto Rican market only.

This year’s Caribbean Series introduces a new competition format that includes a seventh day game for the grand finale.  As in previous series, there are two rounds during which all teams will play each other twice.  Then, the two best teams play the final game for the championship.  Changes in the system are in an effort to create a more equitable tournament and guarantee a final game.







1 Feb 1st 3:00 PM (CT) Venezuela Dominican Republic
2 Feb 1st 7:30PM (CT) Puerto Rico Mexico
3 Feb 2nd 1:00 PM (CT) Dominican Republic Puerto Rico
4 Feb 2nd 5:00PM (CT) Mexico Venezuela
5 Feb 3rd 1:00 PM (CT) Venezuela Puerto Rico
6 Feb 3rd 5:00PM (CT) Mexico Dominican Republic
7 Feb 4th 1:00 PM (CT) Puerto Rico Dominican Republic
8 Feb 4th 5:00PM (CT) Venezuela Mexico
9 Feb 5th 4:00 PM (CT) Puerto Rico Venezuela
10 Feb 5th 7:30PM (CT) Dominican Republic Mexico
11 Feb 6th 4:00 PM (CT) Dominican Republic Venezuela
12 Feb 6th 7:30PM (CT) Mexico Puerto Rico
13 Feb 7th 7:30PM (CT) 1st place 2nd place
14 Feb 7th 10:30PM (CT) Closure

LAS will broadcast all fourteen (14) games in the series in High Definition HD with Puerto Rican announcers calling the games live and providing color commentary. Latin American Sports will present some programs prior to the beginning of the tournament, documentaries and special reports with the most important information of the games. Latin American Sports’ rights are for the exclusive broadcast in Puerto Rico.

About Alterna’TV

As a subsidiary of Latin America’s leading satellite service provider Satmex, Alterna’TV serves as a virtual hub between Latin American programming services and potential carriage partners in the U.S., providing carriers and advertisers with direct access to America’s Spanish-speaking communities. www.alternatv.us

About Latin American Sports

Latin American Sports is a growing 24/7 channel devoted to fulfilling the sports content demand of Latin American audiences in Puerto Rico and the United States with coverage of sporting events from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico and original productions focusing on such favorite sports as Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Football Soccer, Wrestling, Boxing, among others. Latin American Sports is available through Dish Puerto Rico (channel 856), COMCAST Xfinity and Cablevision iO en Español (channel 1069) in the Tri State Area.

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