Paley Fest: Your Favorite TV Stars Up Close in Personal


Are you a Paley Virgin? You are if you haven’t been to Paley Fest.

And yes, it’s Paley Fest time again! In case you’ve missed it—this is the huge Hollywood Up Close and Personal TV Star event for Tele-holics! Yes, you know who you are–those of you who have ‘your shows’ that you can’t miss–! Named for William Paley the ‘Father of Television’ and founder of CBS TV– –it’s the ‘insider event’ for small-screen freaks. PALEYFEST puts the stars and their cast and producers of some of the hottest shows right in front of you–to chat in-depth, in person about how it’s done, and share their behind-the-scenes goings-on. This year’s shows/casts include Scandal, Jane The Virgin, Teen Wolf , Outlander,  The Flash, Modern Family, American Horror Story, Glee…and more.

So, yes, that means Sofia Vergara Gina Rodriguez, Kerry Washington, and other stars and fabulous cast will be participating.  The moderators, include Jimmy Kimmel and Kristen Dos Santos–its the complete package.

The Paley Fest”insider event” begin on March 6-15, 2015 and will be held at the Dolby Theater, 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.  For ticket go to or call (800) 745-3000.


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