NUVO’s “House of Joy” Brings It Home The Way It Is!

Premieres July 18th at 10PM

Latin Heat’s Chit-Chat With The Jerkins-Enriquez


By Elia Esparza

What happens when a superstar music producer marries a sexy songstress? Well it should make for an interesting union but if he happens to be Black and she happens to be Latina… Mexican… well marriage in the traditional sense gets hurricane-swept out the window. Welcome to Nuvo’s TV’s House of Joy!

When Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins married his beloved Joy Enriquez, he thought he was forging into a traditional marriage. He had no idea that when you marry a Latino… you marry the entire family! House of Joy is not The Kardashians in any shape or form. No, House of Joy is the real enchilada, baby!  The Jerkins-Enriquez household is a realistic glimpse into the extraordinary outcome of a loving interracial blended family.

House of Joy is overflowing with love, laughs lyrics and in-laws. No doubt the show will be a water cooler trending conversation across America.

Jerkins is a Grammy award-winning music producer who has created global chart-topping hits for legends like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. But when it comes to producing music’s next huge hit, it’s one particular shining star that he is pulling out all the stops for: sexy songstress Joy Enriquez, his wife. Talk about pressure!

But it’s all good, because as the charismatic couple reveals on the new NUVOtv family docu-series House of Joy, Rodney and Joy are going to get by with a little help from their friends – and a whole lotta help from their large extended family!

Music — Marriage — Mayhem!

I had a chance to catch up with with the loving couple and honestly, the best thing I loved the most is the new term coined by Rodney… “We’re Blaktino” Black-Latino”… get it? That’s the way it is in America today. And that is so positively super cool!

Latin Heat: Why did you decide to do a reality show? How does having TV cameras around all the time affect your marriage?

Joy:  We brought cameras into our lives because we want people to see that being in a biracial family how it works… how it can work. There are a lot of families like us. Bringing us all back together with Rodney’s own traditions. How we make it work is that we bring it all together… we work together, pray together, solve our problems together. And, music music is the key to bringing joy and happiness. Our children are naturally so talented… so we’re ready to invite viewers into our lives.

LH: How difficult was it for you Rodney?

Rodney : Kind of a culture shock to blend into a Mexican family! [He laughs] I didn’t sign up for that! I thought it was going to be a traditional family. Yeah, at first it was a culture shock… because little by little I got her mother, father, siblings… yet, I can honestly say that having them in my life has helped me a lot as I have gone through my own personal issues. Her father has been great… it’s new and I’m enjoying them very much.

Latin Heat:  Joy, did your parents have a hard time blending in?

JOY: No! I come from a super large family! I’m Latino! I have 36 cousins and family has always been important to me. We  are just that way being Latino… you bring your family. You marry a Latino, you get the whole package.

Latin Heat: Rodney and Joy, are you ready for tonight’s premiere? Tell us more about the show, what makes it so special?

Joy: Premieres tonight on nuvo 10 pm! Everything about our show is different because Rodney is an amazing producer… at the end of every episode we always end it with a song that I sing to our kids….

Rodney: After each episodes, viewers will be able to download the show’s music on iTunes. That’s never been done on a reality show.

Executive produced by Patti Stanger and NUVOtv Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Lopez, House of Joy is the new reality series of love, laughs, lyrics – and in-laws – as the Grammy Award-winning producer sets the stage for his talented wife to reignite her musical dream.

Summer is going to sizzle with hot beats, captivatingly funny creative conflicts and one of the most intriguing and fun-loving families in Hollywood when House of Joy premieres July 18 at 10PM on NUVOtv!

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