New Cooking Series Premiers on Once TV México!

Once Tv México Premiers New Cooking Series: Del Mundo Al Plato

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Hosted By Famous Chef Pablo San Román

Miami, FL – Once TV México, the network owned by one of Mexico’s most prestigious educational institutions, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), premiers a new cooking series, Del mundo al plato on its international signal beginning Tuesday January 22 at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

Hosted by the famous Chef Pablo San Román, Del mundo al plato interviews people from different parts of the world who now live in Mexico City to discover the secrets of their personal cooking habits, blending Mexico’s cuisine with the elements from their own culture.  In a dynamic and fun tour, Chef visits various locations in the city to get close to the different groups of foreigners who now reside in Mexico and share their culture through their good and cooking techniques.

Each of the series’ 13 episodes is dedicated to a different country and culture and includes visits to some of Mexico City’s most engaging establishments, restaurants and people.  Viewers are invited to follow along as Chef Pablo San Román explores the unique culinary traditions of those who now call Mexico home and tries his hand at fusing the different cooking styles and techniques into meals to remember.  Each episode also culminates with  Chef preparing a dish that combines local ingredients with some ingredients from the home country of that episode’s guests.  

Among the various cuisines explored in Del mundo al plato are Lebanon, India, Japan, Cuba, Italy, France, England, Germany, China, Spain, Oaxaca, among others.

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