MundoFox Initial Programming Slate Unveiled at Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan

Las Santisimas a Latina version of Sex in the City

New U.S. Spanish-Language Broadcast Network Launches this Summer

New York, NY MundoFox, the new U.S. Spanish-language broadcast network launching this summer, presented its initial programming lineup to advertisers during the Fox Hispanic Media Upfront presentation at Manhattan’s Ziegfeld Theatre. MundoFox, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a joint venture between Fox International Channels and the RCN Television Group (RCN). Series such as El Capo, Kdabra, Corazones Blindados, and Tiempo Final are among the extraordinary and innovative program offerings from the new network.

“We are delighted to present our new lineup to the media community because these shows clearly represent the distinctive programming that MundoFox will be offering our viewers,” said Emiliano Saccone, President of MundoFox. “The ‘New Latino’ audiences we are targeting are clearly more demanding than previous generations. The mere fact that a program is in Spanish is not enough of a differentiator. Today’s Latino wants content that is more enriching, challenging and ‘Americano como tu'” (“American like you”).

MundoFox delivered a diverse roster hat compliments its audience and echoes the interests of the ‘New Latino’ viewer. This includes a mix of original news and entertainment content, as well as access to exclusive sports events:

  • El Capo – an acclaimed and highly-rated series produced by Fox TeleColombia for RCN Television that follows the story of the richest and most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia.
  • Kdabra – a critically-acclaimed and highly-rated series of mystery, magic, and intrigue that gathers elements from the real and the supernatural worlds; where the enthralling mystery surrounding its main character, a 17-year-old teenager who has escaped from a dark community- triggers a series of unexpected events.
  • Corazones Blindados – an action and drama filled police series that follows the life of policewoman torn between loyalty to her kidnapped husband and her budding romantic feelings for her superior.
  • Tiempo Final – a television series where each week, the characters face a dead end or an inevitable fate that will change their lives forever—from lovers who are exhausted by their anonymity and decide to disclose their relationship to a serial murderer who is hiding under the harmless image of a plumber or a bachelor party that quickly becomes one that will not be forgotten.
  • Alla Te Espero – a daytime drama which tells the story of a Latin family torn apart by distance, betrayal and the broken promise of their American dream. A tangled web of secrets and forbidden love will slowly bring them all together again.
  • Santisimas – this series is the Latino version of “Sex and the City”, following the lives of five women from different backgrounds who, in their pursuit for happiness, encounter both internal and external obstacles.
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