Kiki Melendez’s Hot Tamales Live! Ink TV Deal

Kiki Melendez surrounded by her Hot Tamales Live! Showtime Special Cast

Hollywood, CA — The critically acclaimed Kiki Melendez’s Hot Tamales Live! has inked a deal with Emmy award winning producers Agustin and Phillip B Goldfine to produce the TV show Hot Tamales Live 3 and 4, as well as a new franchise Fried Bananas Live!, a multicultural male version of the show.

The wildly successful show, which has delivered great ratings and garnered great critical acclaim and various awards, will be shooting its new television specials this coming Spring.

The Hot Tamales Live! is the longest running and possibly the only all-female comedy stand-up show in the world. It has had a track record of launching new stars and showcasing women of all races on one stage. Past alumnus include: Eva Longoria, Loni Love, Thea Vidal, Kira Soltonavich, Monique Marvez, Nadine Rajabi, and many more.

Kiki Melendez, creator and host, and her production company Latin Hollywood Films, are proud to have found partners that will enable the showcase to continue building the brand and breaking out new female stars. “This show is blessed by the Gods, it has more than nine lives, we are uniting races through laughter and this has always been positive for our culture,” said Melendez.

The new Hot Tamales specials are a follow-up to the successful Kiki Melendez’s Hot Tamales Live! which aired on Showtime Networks.

A male version of the show—Fried Bananas Live!—will introduce a new brand of comedy. Fried Bananas Live! will bring to the stage today’s top multiethnic male stand-up comics sprinkled with celebrities trying out their stand-up chops!

Producer Goldfine, known for his eclectic producing interests, including the highly anticipated Maximum Conviction starring Steven Seagal and wrestling star turned movie star Steve Austin, will be partnering again with Agustin. Their pervious partnership, El Vacilon, garnered one of the many Emmys for them both in 2011.

Goldfine added, “In addition to being great live entertainment,Hot Tamales! is a proven brand and Agustin will make this the most successful and exciting Hot Tamales yet!”

Creator Kiki Melendez will serve as executive producer and host. Agustin will serve as executive producer and director, and Phillip Goldfine as Executive Producer.

Hot Tamales Live! is a trademark of Latin Hollywood Films Inc.  Fried Bananas Live! is a trademark of Latin Hollywood Films Inc. and Duende Media Group

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