Jose Cantillo & Nestor Carbonell at the Walker Stalker Convention

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Chicago, IL — What do zombies, Latinos and conventions have in common? Well, you might be surprised to know that they are very much related as we discovered at Chicago’s 2014 Walker Stalker Convention which revolved around the popular AMC TV series The Walking Dead.

The popular convention which first began in Atlanta was held for the first time in Illinos at the Doland E. Stephens Convention Center where several actors from The Walking Dead series attended as special guests. Additionally, actors from other widely viewed shows such as Arrow, Lost, Game of Thrones and more also appeared at the event.

One of the talented celebrities we were privileged to interview included actor Jose Pablo Cantillo, who was featured for over a season on The Walking Dead playing a dangerous and charismatic antagonist Martinez. He has also portrayed fan favorite tough guys on screen in well known pictures like 2013’s Sci-Fi Elysium appearing alongside Matt Damon and Crank where he played the villain to Jason Statham’s character. Although his personality and demeanor could not be further removed as he projected a charmingly friendly and humble attitude while interacting with eager fans signing autographs at the event.

Recently Cantillo has also begun producing film projects, in particular the upcoming movie drama Produce. The story centers around a former major league baseball player who meets a produce clerk with Down syndrome. Those wishing to see the new film can do so during it’s screening at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival on April 5th.

Check out the exciting interview below where Cantillo speaks to LatinHeat’s correspondent Mary Chuy about his thrilling experience working on The Walking Dead along with his two upcoming films (Chappie and Solace, respectively) in which he appears with actors such as Hugh Jackman, Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell.

Nestor Carbonell

Mary Chuy also spoke to the always gracious and down to earth versatile Cuban actor Nestor Carbonell. Many readers may remember his notable roles such as the Mayor in The Dark Knight and Richard Alpert on the widely popular series Lost. Currently he can be seen on the new hit A&E series Bates Motel where plays Sheriff Alex Romero. With over 25 years of experience as an actor Carbonell has no doubt become one of the most respected Latino talents in the industry as his large body of work continues to grow.

In the interview the delightfully pleasant and welcoming actor shared insights on his diverse life living in countries all over the world and a very special heartfelt message for young Latinos who would also like to pursue their goals and dreams. Aside from acting, Carbonell also shared with us exclusive news on a new project he is currently writing with veteran producer Julio Caro which begins filming soon. Check out the video interview for more.

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