Jorge Granier Added to Sofia Vergara, Ben Silverman Team to Launch TV, Web Series

Jorge Granier

Jorge Granier, managing director of RCTV’s (Miami-based subsidiary RCTV International), has joined Sofia Vergara’s Latin WE and Ben Silverman’s Electus to collaborate on the first of two projects: Web series Isla Presidential and TV series project Jane The Virgin.

Granier, Electus and LatinWE will produce new webisodes for Isla Presidencial, a popular Latin American animated web series, which has logged more than 22-million views and 32,000 subscribers to date. The storyline premise includes 12 Latin American presidents, (includes Hugo Chavez, Felipe Calderon and Christina Kirchner), get stranded on a deserted island where they struggle to survive and cope with the loss of power. The series’ first episode, which has amassed 4.5 million views. The new season will air on NuevOn, Electus and Latin WE’s Hispanic YouTube channel, with the first webisode debuting in November. Granier will executive produce alongside Andres Otero, through their GOTV banner, as will series creators Juan Ravell and Oswaldo Graziani’s company Plop.

Jane the Virgin, a format from the RCTV archives, centers on a high school girl (Jane) living in the protective bubble of youth until she finds out she has been artificially inseminated by mistake.  Yikes! What a dilemma.

The project will be developed as a half-hour sitcom or one-hour dramedy. In addition to Granier, Electus and Latin WE, Jane the Virgin is being produced by Gary Pearl, with whom Granier had partnered on the U.S. format rights to the RCTV library.

Granier, whose main focus has been in telenovelas, has brought eight RCTV formats to the U.S. to be developed for US. audiences, along with Spanish-language formats from other companies and several original formats/concepts.

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