John Leguizamo To Produce ABC Comedy Based On His Life


John Leguizam

John Leguizamo back at ABC with a new show, you just can’t keep great talent off TV!  ABC recently announced that they are going forward with a new Leguizamo, as yet, untitled sitcom.  On board as executive produce, Leguizamo will co-write the single-camera comdey story of his life.  Also on board as executive produced is Chris Sherican (Family Guy) who will co-write with Leguizamo and Leguizamo’s longtine manager Jeff Golenberg of the Collective.  Also on the writing team will be Mandeville’s David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.

This ABC collaboration comes on the heels of rejection by ABC of another pilot Leguizamo was attached to earlier this year, Brian Bradley and Steve Cragg’s The Kings Of Van Nuys.  However ABC loss, in this case was also ABC as it freed Leguizamo to continue with the developement of his new show will be based on his own life, something he know, and often explores in his on stage one man shows (Ghetto Klown, Mambo Mouth, Spic-O-Rama).  The pilot will center around his marriage to his Jewish wife; and his friends from the Bronx; and his mother and grandfather who are his Latino culture connection…and how to keep his kids centered amist all this.

Leguizamo long time fans who have followed his career since he did his first starring role in the indie film, Hanging With the Homeboys (directed by Joseph By Vasquez) and all through his multiple successes in a multitude of top films including Moulin Rouge, The Lincoln Lawyer, Carlitos Way, Romeo + Juliet and most recently being the voice of Sid in the mega franchise Ice Age, will be glad to see him back on television

What You May Not Know

John Leguizano is 47, usually an age when most men are fighting the battle against middle-age spread… but not John. He is as energetic as a teenage boy high on sugar. His hit Broadway solo show in 2011, Ghetto Klown, displayed his nonstop motion for two acts for almost two and a half hours. He is unstoppable. And, it was a huge hit.

Leguizamo remains one of the industry’s most versatile and well-known actors. He unorthodox rise to success is chronicled in his DVD titled John Leguizamo: Tales From a Ghetto Klown, captures his struggles about his Colombian and “NuyoRican” roots to his high-profile career in Hollywood. DVD available on Amazon for $14 and it makes a great Christmas gift.


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