JLo Decides to Leave Idol

JLO Has Decided to Move On

Now that Steven Tyler has quit American Idol to return to performing with Aerosmith, everyone was waiting to hear what Jennifer Lopez’s decision would be – – to sign on for another year or call it a day.  Late last night, Lopez announced that she would not be signing on as a judge for Season 12 on American Idol.

Her reps had been saying for months that she wanted to return to performing full-time — even though American Idol revived her dead showbiz career — she was feeling she needed to move on.

Rumors has it the producers of Idol were not thinking of inviting her back and are in no hurry to invite her back to perform either.  In the end it comes down to money, as JLO had intimated that she would not return unless she received the undisclosed amount she was asking for.

Lopez has also insinuated that she wants to to back to doing movies and felt that she would rather appear on Idol as a performer instead of being a judge. On the other hand, how in demand would a 42-year-old singer-actress given the reality of showbiz?  But, we are talking about Jennifer Lopez here.

With this latest developments that leaves Randy Jackson as the lone judge on Idol (will he be leaving as well?). Which bring into question the trend to sign up high profile performers as judges for these talent reality shows.  When they get the much-needed boost in their careers, they go on to better gigs.  As for the reaction of the Fox network, Kevin Reilly, network president has promised “some creative tweaking” heading into next season.  After the show’s ratings “dropped more than anticipated” this past season, when Idol posted its lowest ratings, its certain that, Fox needs to do some major “creative tweaking”.

Currently Lopez is busy prepping to go on tour with Enrique Iglesias and on the production end she has signing on as executive producer on a couple of reality shows.  She also has had the option on Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?  to do as a feature fillm.  Whaterve she will be doing next, we are confident that Lopez and her reps have taken this step of leaving Idol because they have more exciting project on the horizon.  If there is one thing Lopez know how to do is survive in this business…she has been doing it for over 20 years and she still has an enviable career.



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