Ignacio Serricchio: Hunky Undercover Cop on “The Young and The Restless”

By Elia Esparza

TIgnacio Serricchiohere’s a new heartthrob on The Young and The Restless, the numero uno daytime soap, and he is capturing a whole new audience of devoted fans. Ignacio Serricchio, who first appeared on the daytime serial General Hospital as Diego Alcazar has now morphed into Alex Chavez, a streetwise undercover officer who came to Genoa City from New York City with a big secret.

The Argentina-born actor has been sharpening his acting and comedic skills by working on plays, commercials, movie and television since the day he arrived to Los Angeles. More recently he appeared as a streetwise Mormon missionary in the critically acclaimed States of Grace. And he is a regular on the web series hit, The Bay.

This coming summer, Ignacio be shooting a romantic comedy movie he wrote and says, “It’s romantic, funny and has a lot of salsa dancing.” Jessy Schramm from Falling Skies and Last Resort is attached to the project.

Recently we caught up with the busy thespian and got up close and personal:

Congrats on your new gig with Y&R! You’ve been working on the popular web soap The Bay… is web series the way to go to keep working? 

Ignacio Serricchio: I don’t think it’s the only way to go. It’s another source, but there are still people like me who enjoy sitting down in front of a couch.

Is acting in soap operas more difficult than other TV series acting? 

IS: It’s more challenging because you don’t have as much time to feel out the slice of life you are living with the other actors. We shoot at a faster pace so you better be ready and well prepared.

How did you get started in the industry? Did you model?

IS: I wanted to model for Good Will, but they said I didn’t have the right look. I started with my favorite audition ever… for General Hospital.  I was the only Latino in the waiting area surrounded by 10 white boys.  I walked in where, I met Jill Phelps who asked me to pronounce my name eleven times because the way I pronounced it really turned her on… and still does till this day. So I got the role. Not for my acting, buy my sexy pronunciation of my name.

OK… Never heard that one before! What can you tell us about your experience on General Hospital playing a baddie?

IS: Any actor will tell you that playing a “bad” guy is the most fun. Everything you do is justified because a person who does something “bad” in their mind, it’s the right thing, which is what makes him/her scary and threatening. Ignorance is the real devil.

You wrote a film, tells about it.

IS: I wrote a romantic comedy that we will shoot in the summer of 2013.  Jessy Schramm (Falling Skies, Last Resort) is attached as my co-star.  It’s got a John Hughes feel to it with a lot of salsa dancing and really funny and quirky characters.

What advise do you give to people wanting to break into soap opera acting? Is it different than pursuing a film acting career?

IS: From personal experience, I can say that in this career and with any other career, the main thing is discipline, persistence and a crap load of passion. If you truly love what you do, there is no force in the universe that could stop you from achieving what you want. No one can stop you but your own will power.

You are Argentine-American, did your diverse background ever interfere with getting cast in any roles?

IS: I always thought of my background as a tool. I felt like I had an advantage over any other actor since I grew up with so many cultures and languages. That’s why I always tell someone who wants to be an actor that the most important thing is to learn everything life has to offer. Learn about other cultures, religions, everything. You need to have a point in life.

You are a university graduate who speaks four languages, has your education helped you with your acting career?

IS: I would not have know how to channel all my energy and ideas had it not been for my years at Syracuse University’s Drama Department and Loyola Marymount. I had the best teachers who guided me in the right direction.

Latin Heat thanks Ignacio for sharing his insight on his career.

Watch Ignacio Serricchio daily The Young and The Restless – which has been the Number One rated daytime drama for more than 23 consecutive years and will celebrate its 40th anniversary on March 26, 20123.  The show is broadcast weekdays (12:30-1:30 PM, ET); 11:00 AM-12:00 Noon, PT) on the CBS Television Network and is produced by Bell Dramatic Serial Company, in association with Sony Pictures Television.

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