Idol Runner Up, Jessica Sanchez, to Make Glee Appearance

Along With Solo Album With The Help Of Tommy Mottola

By Johana Hernandez

American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, could not be any busier considering her anticipated appearance on FOX’s other music hit show, Glee, for the fourth season. Fans wonder how she will do it with her Summer Idol tour in the works right now. Not to worry, she promises to keep her commitment to the tour which will bring her Glee appearance until the middle of the fourth season for a multi-episode arc. If and when negotiations become a wrap, she will join the FOX  show’s guest list which include familiar faces such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears.  Along with recruiting Sanchez, FOX will pair up the two shows she was in on the same Thursday nights, moving Glee from its Tuesday nights.

As mentioned before, the Idol runner up has a full schedule ahead of her including her solo album in the works with Tommy Mottola, who co-owns Casablanca Records jointly with Universal Music Group, according to FOX News. The veteran producer is a sure thing to make Sanchez a successful artist based on the careers he has worked with including Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, and Idol’s own, Jennifer Lopez. The young star hopes of an urban sound as she gushes about her dream of collaborating with rap star, Eminem, considering his “conviction” and “emotion” he portrays in his raps.

There’s a bright future for Sanchez and we can’t wait to see it!


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