Hot Latino Celebs and Their Fun Social Media Pages!

Latino Photo Collage

By Mary Chuy

When I was asked by my editor Elia Esparza to look for the most exciting and hot Latino pages! I was honored and
excited! But I didn’t know is was going to be so hard and fun at the same time!

With Facebook available to us, many celebrities don’t have their own web pages or if they do, they communicate more with their
fans through the social media. Deep into my research, I bookmarked some of the Latino Celebrity websites I thought
were the most current and exciting to visit. In addition, I considered which were the most inspirational pages to read and the best FB pages we should all “LIKE”.

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did! But be careful… I’m warning you because some of these  Latino and Latina celebs
are so charming, they may just cast a spell on you…. to keep you visiting them more often. First, we’ve listed favorite websites and then we’ll move on to great Facebook celeb walls to LIKE.

I though Sofia Vergara’s page  is one of the coolest! Aside from her bio, sexy photos, videos and news are up front on the home page… where you will also find a short documentary filmed by her filmmaker son, Manolo.  Watch it and see the real “Sofia” from behind the scenes, at home and Mommy and Manolo time… you will see the real hard working Latina woman and caring mother.

Sofia Vergara
Link to a Latin heat article on her:

Carlos Santana
Has a very cool website, colorful, informative and up-to-date! Plus he will serve you a Margarita! Well, almost… but his recipe for a yummy Tequila Margarita for you to enjoy with your friends. Close your eyes and Imagine he is playing the guitar for you…

Ivonne Coll
This  Award winning actress is a beautiful example of true beauty and hard work! What I love about her page, is reading about all her work, she has done everything! Broadway many TV shows and films…Is  inspiring looking at her photos and reading her bio. I want to be just like her when I grow up!
Latin Heat Ivonne Coll article:

Prince Royce
Excusme but I have to take a break from writing this article! I can’t help it! This chico’s sexy bachata just invited me to dance!
And since I have a lot of imagination, I’m dancing with him inside his music video. Don’t be jealous and go visit his page and dance for yourself… because you can!

Jenni Rivera
She may be gone physically but her example of a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman will live in our heart forever! Despite her many personal struggles, she lived life to the fullest until the last minutes before she died. She’s an inspiration for learning how to live with the bad hand life has dealt you… Nothing got in her way… for the love of her children, family and fans, her legacy leaves us with great life gifts. Jenni’s page is inspiring and you can listen to her beautiful songs while brownies through her website!
Read about Jenni on Latinheat:

Andres Cuervo
This Hot Colombian singer is amazing! He has everything: Talent, looks and an humble heart!
He went from singing to his friends such as me in a small Miami apartment to become the  #1 for five consecutive weeks in the Latin hit list followed later with his hit “Te extrano”.” If you enjoy good music videos, and can appreciate good productions, go and browse his page, because all his music videos are amazing!

Muy caliente! “Antonio Banderas”
He will tell you the his secret, her secret, and the golden secret! Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone, go and find out for yourself what it is.
Latin Heat Antonio Banderas article:

John Leguizamo
His website is as smart and informative as the actor himself. What a handsome, funny, intense and great actor he is!
Latin Heat John Leguizamo article:

HOT “Enrique Iglesias”
What I love about his page is his blog and how he communicates and shares with his fun photos of places he visits, behind-the-scenes shots and some never before seen backstage pics. His baby photo on the main page is so cute!
Latin Heat Enrique Iglesias article:

Edward James Olmos
One of the best Latino actors of our time! I said, “One of” because there are other actor veterans, but Eddie just happened to have a website I was drawn to. His webpage is just like him: Elegant, professional and complete with lots of info.
Latin Heat Edward James Olmos shout-out. … Latin Heat Entertainment Presents Red Carpet …

Ana de la Regera!
I absolutely adore the introduction to her main page… It will transport you to old Hollywood with her black and white glamorous images. The rest of her page is  professional and informative… I believe her website is the perfect model to follow because it completes this exceptional actress.

Manolo Cardona looks more like a Calvin Klein model but in reality is a handsome, 35-year old Colombian actor whose credits are too many to list. This hot telenovela star has landed a multi-episode recurring role on the  USA network spy drama Covert Affairs, which stars Piper Perabo.  HOT HOT HOT!!! Great website with a dancing twist.

Kate del Castillo
This Mexican actress has everything needed to succeed. Beauty and brains and DNA from her legendary father, one of Mexico’s most beloved actors, Eric del Castillo. I love her page! The cover has a beautiful photo of her, but my favorite part are the behind-the-scenes videos of her work and demo reel.
Latin Heat Kate del Castillo article:

Cote de Pablo
An other complete and professional page of a great and beautiful actress! We know her from her amazing role on CBS’s NCIS… visit her website frequently, because she is always updating and uploading clips of her work. Love the behind-the-scenes and red carpet photos. She is a communicator and obviously loves and appreciates her fans.
Latin Heat Cote de Pablo article on her ALMA Awards participation:

For the Mommies

The Honest Company founded by the sexy Mommy Jessica Alba has a website you will love! If you are a Mom and want only the best natural non toxic products for your baby, this actress has just what you need! And, what I love most about Jessica is that she is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside because her dedication to her mommy/baby business is a testament to her character of always addressing critical health and social issues affecting children and families.
Latin Heat Jessica Alba article:

P.S. This year Jessica Alba chose the  nonprofit  Baby2Baby – who supplies families in need with essential baby clothing and gear, like baby diapers. Mommies in need, please check this page out!

Speaking of inspiration

Vicente Pasariello, considered the Latino Anthony Robbins is always positive and full of energy!
I’m sharing this one because that’s what friends do… you will love him!

If you are Latina Entrepreneur and love some encouragement? I have the perfect page for you.
The Charismatic, Beautiful and smart Michele Ruiz. She’s been such a positive motivator and business mentor to many women.

And, last but not least, Facebook Walls you should LIKE!

The forever handsome, controversial and humanitarian, Actor/Activist… Esai Morales… LIKE his page, and you will enjoy having ta daily newspaper delivered by one of our hottest and dedicated actors. His FB Wall and posts are informative, inspirational and he is open to conversations. Esai loves comunicating with his fans!

The Papasito  Wilmer Valderrama will keep you up to date on where is he and with whom he’s with through his
many instagram photos! He is a real teaser, ladies… be ready to fall in love!

The always positive, charitatible, smart, beautiful and one and only Cristina Saralegui. LIKE her page to find out what type of guests she is looking  for her radio show… who knows… you may end up in one of her shows!

An other smart, sexy and unstoppable Latina Actress/director and producer is Eva Longoria.
She will take you to the White House, to Brazil and every where she goes through her beautiful photos! This chiquita pero picosa actress is very humble and loves sharing special moments  with her funs!

That’s it  for this time. I hope you enjoy all this exciting pages, and forgive if i miss any of you out there! Send us your web links to… so that next time, we can review them. Meanwhile, Happy Web Surfing!

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