GLAUDI Designer Johana Hernandez stars in Amazon’s “The Fashion Hero”

Los Angeles, CA – GLAUDI, Johana Hernandez’s fashion design announced the world premiere of The Fashion Hero, the show challenging fashion industry conventions, celebrating body positivity, and empowering universal beauty.

The new show stars Johana Hernandez alongside 3 other forward thinking designers and documents their journey as they search for the new face of their collections.

Credit: Fashion Hero

Representing U.S.A. and El Salvador, Johana Hernandez was selected as one of 4 international designers (Italy, U.K., and Mexico).

Follow Johana as she discovers an unconventional beauty from the inside out to be the face of GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez.

A firm advocate for women of all sizes, shapes, and colors, Johana has always been devoted to celebrating all women. Through this advocacy, Johana has been recognized by Entertainment Tonight as 1 of 9 leading Latinx designers changing the fashion world. Our flagship store has also been lauded by LA Weekly as breaking barriers and dressing leading and elite women

The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking new competition TV series, where people who have been constantly rejected, or felt they did not fit into the standards of the fashion and beauty industries, now have the chance to accomplish what they once thought was impossible: becoming a model, brand ambassador, or become the face of The Fashion Hero global movement. For all those times they were told they’ll never make it because of their shape or size, The Fashion Hero is here to say they CAN.

Through a series of challenging events, the participants will be chosen based on their charisma,  personality, and character and NOT their looks, to become a role-model and to prove that unconventional beauty can indeed become the new norm in the industry.

The Fashion Hero premieres worldwide in 19 countries through Amazon October 6th and via TUBI TV and VUDU October 20th. Stay connected via:

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