Charlie Sheen Talks up His new Show “Anger Management” at NAPTE

This week Charlie Sheen was in Miami promoting his new show Anger Management at the National Association of Producers and Television Executives (NAPTE). For a celebrity of his stature promoting a project, albeit in a fun place like Miami Beach, is work. But for Sheen work is good.

Looking forward to the possibility of doubling the workload he had at Two and a Half Men Sheen will be shooting two episodes a week at his new gig. After the intial 10 episode order, there will be a possible 100 episodes run on FX of Anger Management. All this added work for about ten times LESS than what he was paid at Two And A Half Men, but Sheen is up for the challenge. “When I was on Two And A Half they gave me so much time,” said Sheen. “I get bored really fast. I burned out on Two and a Half in like season three” he recently stated in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

Sheen stars as an anger management counselor in the TV version of Adam Sandler’s comedy film Anger Management. FX has set the premiere date for the TV show sometime in June. Sheen plays a former baseball player with anger issues who winds up as an unconventional anger management therapist.

Bruce Helford (George Lopez, The Drew Carey Show, Roseanne, Family Ties) has partnered with Sheen as executive producer. Helford is used to working on star vehicles, having successful shows with such talent as George Lopez, Drew Carey and others celebrities. Helford likes to involve the talent in all aspects of the process. He engages the star and welcomes them into the writer’s room and to participate in whole process of constructing the show, always leaving the door open to their suggestions.

Both Selma Blair and Julie Benz (Dexter recently screen tested for the lead female role opposite Sheen. Actor Mike Guzman is also rumored to be part of the cast.

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