Canal 22 International’s “La Dichosa Palabra” Live From LeaLA Festival

Canal 22

Broadcast Live from the Los Angeles Feria del Libro en Espanol (LeaLA)
TV Show Focuses on Beautify of Spanish Language
May 18th

Miguel de Cervantes Ballroom, Los Angeles Convention Center

Mexico, DF  –  Canal 22 Internacional, the arts and entertainment channel, and La dichosa palabra, the program that focuses on the beauty of the Spanish language, will, for the third year running, broadcast a special program live from Feria del Libro en Español de Los Ángeles (LéaLA), the largest Spanish-language book fair in the U.S.

Broadcasting live from the Miguel de Cervantes Ballroom in the Los Angeles Convention Center, hosts Laura García, Eduardo Casar and Germán Ortega continue their exploration of the Spanish language, in Spanish.

During its 10 seasons on air, La dichosa palabra has produced over 260 live shows from various locations in Mexico and the U.S.  The series, among the most emblematic of cultural television in Mexico and the most famous with Canal 22 Internacional’s U.S. audience, has received the Principios award for best television content, given by the Communication Council, in 2004, 2005 and 2008.  In 2006, La dichosa palabra earned the Generación award given by the Political and Social Science of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.  That same year, La dichosa palabra was awarded the Alas de Plata, given by the mass media regulatory office of the Secretary of State, together with the Communication Council.

The third edition of the Los Angeles Feria del Libro en Español (LéaLA) continues to promote reading Spanish books as well as acknowledging the contributions of Latino people, their culture and traditions in opening the door to receive acclaimed Spanish writers.  LéaLA is an initiative supported by Universidad de Guadalajara, Los Angeles and Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara (FIL).

With the special production of La dichosa palabra, Canal 22 Internacional honors its commitment to Mexicans who live in the United States, presenting the best cultural and artistic expressions from Mexico and Latin America to the U.S. and the rest of the world.


About Canal 22 Internacional

Canal 22 Internacional is an arts and entertainment channel that broadcasts the rich colors and beautiful traditions of Mexico. With a sophisticated on-air-image, the channel offers quality and creative programming that reminds Mexican audiences of their deep roots and origins. With content ranging from award-winning documentaries, in-depth biographies and popular Mexican movies to original productions including local news, Canal 22 Internacional brings the best of Mexico home to U.S. audiences. Canal 22 Internacional is available through DirecTV (channel 446), Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-verse (channel 3022), Verizon Fios (channel 1646) Grande Communications, Wave Broadband and San Bruno Municipal Cable TV (channel 646), among others. For more information, please Facebook: Canal México 22 internacional Email:

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