Canal 22 International Broadcasts From San Antonio’s “Echale Latino Music Estyles”

Canal 22 

Channel Broadcasts from San Antonio Event Promoting Latino Music

Mexico, DF  — Canal 22 Internacional, the arts and entertainment channel, is taping and broadcasting a special program from San Antonio’s Pearl Park Amphitheater in Texas, in celebration of the city’s Échale Latino Music Estylesa musical and cultural event dedicated to the promotion of Latin music in the United States.

On May 10, beginning at 6:30pm, Canal 22 Internacional invites its viewers to experience Échale Latino Music Estyles 2013, including musical performances from Sweet & Tender Hooligans and Mariachi Mystery Tour.

Evocative of the legendary British band The Smiths and their lead singer Morrissey, Sweet & Tender Hooligans are fronted by Jose “The Mexican Morrissey” Maldonado; while Mariachi Mystery Tour delivers classic Beatles’ tunes with a distinct mariachi edge.  Canal 22 Internacional first covered Échale Latino Music Estyles, which takes place six times throughout the year, in 2012.

With the recording and broadcast of Échale Latino Music Estyles 2013, Canal 22 Internacional honors its commitment to Mexicans who live in the United States, presenting the best cultural and artistic expressions from Mexico to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

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