“Becoming Ricardo” New Season Trailer Funnier Than Ever!

Popular Web Series Gets Ready For Season 2
Last Season 1 webisode airs at the end of August. Stay Tuned.
New Season Promises As Many Laughs as I Love Lucy

By Mary Chuy
One of the funniest web series we’ve reviewed and have kept our eye on is Becoming Ricardo who has had a great digital season one run. One more webisode will air before the end of August and we can’t wait!  Meanwhile, we convinced the show creators, Jenni Ruiza and Jesenia The Comedienne to give us a glimpse of what Season Two will look like . Well, the trailer is funny and season two is living up to its reputation of being one of the funniest web-sit-coms we’ve ever seen… digitally that is. Lucy may have conquered TV land, Jesenia The Comedienne is hilariously pioneering the digital comedy waves! We love this show not only for its quality production but because it is a genuinely funny show.

What can I say, I Mary Chuy, am a huge fan! OMG! This girls are to much! I just finished watching the trailer  — Jesenia que  voz tan sexy tienes! Oops my Mexican voice just seeps through whenever I’m excited! Jesenia The Comiedinne has such a sexy voice… Muy caliente! And as Ricardo she/he looks as hansome as last season! That crazy sexy hairdo! Me vuelve loca!

A starving female artist decides to take charge into her own hands and becomes the leading man in a major TV hit show… imagine the chaos and laughs!” — Jenni Ruiza, Co-creator, C0-writer

Jesenia The Comedienne
Jesenia The Comedienne

Season two looks very intriguing… I can’t wait!  This I know for sure: It is going to be more hilarious than season one.  I just hope that Ricardo gets to go to an award show very soon and he keeps his promise to take me as his date! Although, I know for a fact that Jesenia’s heart belongs to that handsome director! Or is it Ricardo in love with the theater director? Well, you’ll have to watch. Becoming Ricardo  has the same sensibilities as Tootsie, where behind those laughs are some serious life topics that makes us think, cry and rejoice.

Check out this amazing sneak-peek at what the new Becoming Ricardo season looks like.

Becoming Ricardo show creators and co-writers, Jesenia The Comedienne and Jenni Ruiza are two busy bees… actor and producers… abejitas muy trabajadoras! When I interviewed them via skype for my show “Hoy Wisconsin Today” — if I remember correctly they were in the middle of cooking for their TV crew, who was about to arrive on the set!

Can you even imagine JJ Abrams cooking for his crew during each of his tapings? But what I love most about these two ladies is: that instead of complaining, they jump into the ocean to create their own work! Swimming with their talent to help turn their dreams into reality. And, we’re happy to report that each day more Latinos and Latinas are taking charge in the same way. And, it is not easy, especially the fund raising part. So, chicas, bravo!

To catch up on Becoming Ricardo webisodes, visit: http://www.becomingricardo.com

A little about the show backstory: Jesenia Cruz (Jesenia The Comedienne), a talented actress who is at her wits’ end and will do just about anything to be successful. Frustrated with the lack of good parts for Latinas, her mother (Lisa Velez-Mello) tries to help and points out to her an open call audition for a popular TV series Crime Law and Justice, only the role is solely for Latino men. So with her crazy make-up artist friend Sonia Cruz (Sofia Rodriguez), she soon becomes “Ricardo Montalban” and she lands the part on the hit TV series and the roller coaster, gender-bending ride begins.

Becoming Ricardo got its start through a successful season one Kickstarter campaign, also stars Lisa Velez-Mello aka Lisa Lisa, Sofia Rodriguez, Mario Corry, Joel Perez, Giordana Aviv, Sean Morales, Michael Simmons, and directed by Tony Clomax, and Charles Gates is Director of Photography.

Elia Esparza contributed to this article

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