Army Wives’ Julian Joseph Soria has a Vision for Success

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

By Bel Hernandez

They say a positive attitude plays a major role in success.  If so, Joseph Julian Soria is on the fast track. His vision for success includes hard work and the right attitude.

“I think a lot of times I have played thugs…gardeners,” Soria tells us when asked about his career so far.  “But it just takes that one performance that breaks the mold and will get the industry’s attention.”


From playing the small time thug or the obligatory “Hollywood Latino role” as a gardener, Soria takes a leap into his first series regular role as Hector Cruz in Lifetime’s Army Wives, a series that follows the friendships of a diverse group of military women. As Hector Cruz, he may just well break the mold.

In its sixth season Army Wives has added a Latino flavor with newlyweds Hector and Gloria Cruz played by Soria and Alyssa Diaz. The Cruz’s are not your typical or stereotypical couple.  Hector is from a small Texas town. In a departure from his usual roles, Soria is trading in his gang tattoos for a wedding ring. He describes his character as immature, stubborn and a modern tech savvy guy. He met his wife on the Internet and he works for military relations. Unless deployed, Hector is a stay-at-home husband trying to be the best soldier and husband he can be. But the man is not perfect and he has weaknesses.

How is this the role differnet from the usual roles?  “There is a big difference,” he says emphatically. “The arch of my character in the story is much better. There is more of a role and I am able to give a more dynamic performance.”

Soria who grew up in El Sereno on the east side of Los Angeles, and later in Northridge, California discovered acting while attending the College of the Canyons in Valencia, CA.

“I fell in love with the first class… I immediately wanted to know how to make it and work in this industry,” he recounts.  “So I asked my acting teacher what steps do I need to take to become an actor.”

Before this discovery, Soria had thought of going into physical therapy, it is a safe job, because, “sooner or later everyone gets old or gets hurt.”

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

But after the acting bug bit him, Soria’s mind was made up and things just evolved quickly. In just six short years, when he landed his first professional gig, he has turned every role into a stepping stone to the next milestone.

Soria recognizes that if it hadn’t been for those early roles, he might not have had gotten the attention of Lifetime’s  Army Wives. There is no denying that roles like Chico in Lionsgate film Crank: High Voltage and Carlos Fuentes in Showtime’s Dexter are what have put him on the map.

Directors have praised his ability to morph into characters to a point he is unrecognizable, bringing a young vibrant energy and new life to every role.

A positive attitude, talent and perseverance have worked for Soria so far. And what of his future plans?  “In 5 years I see myself starring as a leading man in motion pictures or in indie films,” he affirms. “I believe I can put people in those theater seats.”

We believe you Joseph Julian Soria.


Author’s note:  Army Wives sixth season came to a close on Sunday, but we are sure to see Soria back for season seven. Also, Soria has appears in three upcoming films in varying stages of post production. The Sundance darling, Filly Brown where he plays MC Wyatt; Mission Park as Derek and Ten Cent Pistol where he plays officer Hanna.

If you missed Army Wives season finale on Sept. 9th,  watch it in the reruns. It’s a doozy!

We see Hector Cruz (Soria) saying goodbye to his soon-to-be ex-wife Gloria (Diaz) who seems to be warming back up to her cheating husband after he convinces the girl he got pregnant to give the baby up to an Army couple (two ladies). He’s about to join his fellow soldiers on another tour of Afghanistan.

Roxy (Sally Pressman) coaches Gloria on managing the bar she owns because she her hubby Trevor (Drew Fuller) are leaving to a new life in Tacoma.

In the final scene, you see the military aircraft packed with the troops being instructed to fasten their seat belts as the plane is heading into some terrible weather with a thunderous lighting storm.

The closing scene is of General Holden (Brian McNamara) answer the phone: “Oh my God… Oh my God,” as he stumbles back into his seat.

Did the plane come down killing Hector Cruz and many of our other favorite characters? Or is it something else? It is a nail biting cliffhanger and most certain real bad news. Stay tuned.


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