Casting Corner: Nicholas Gonzalez Added to ABC’s “The Returned”

Nicholas GonzalezNicholas Gonzalez has been added to ABC/s drama pilot The Returned from Brillstein Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s Plan B and ABC Studios. Gonzalez is set to play Connor, one of the Sheriff Garland’s (Matt Craven) patrolmen and boyfriend to Gail (Devin Kelley).

Written by Aaron Zelman and directed by Charles McDougall, the project chronicles how the lives of the people in a a fictional mid-western town of Arcadia. The lives of the residents are forever changed when their deceased loved ones return.

The Returned is a zombie-themed drama, the story is not the flesh chewing kind of zombie series. ABC hasn’t had much success with this type of genre but that hasn’t stopped the network from trying… perhaps it has something to do with the huge fan base this vampire/zombie genre attracts.

While The Returned will deal with zombies, they aren’t the flesh-chewing kind. The show will be about “the dead who return to change the lives of those they left behind in a small mid-western town.

Also cast is Frances Fisher (TitanicUnforgiven). Fisher will play Lucille, a woman who lives with her husband Harold in the town of Arcadia and is amazed when her eight-year old son, Jacob, who drowned 32 years ago, somehow reappears in 2013.

Gonzalez is repped by Pakula/King & Associates and KLWGN.

What You May Not Know About Nicholas:

The Mexican-American gorgeous actor is a graduate of Stanford (yes that Stanford) where he earned a B.A. in literature. He also spent two terms at Oxford University (yes, the one in the UK), researching British literature and poetry. Brains and Buff Abs! There is a lot more to Nicholas Gonzalez career… we expect books and even a Ph.D. from some other famous university.

— Elia Esparza



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