Warner Bros. Designs Workshop for Emerging Film Directors

Los Angeles, CA –  In a press statement released by Warner Bros., president of creative development and worldwide production, Greg Silverman announced the launch of a film directors workshop specially designed for the underrepresented talent.

The program which has been in development for about two years is intended to provide aspiring directors the chance to showcase their work to the extended community of professionals in the film industry.

“We wanted to have more diverse voices; it’s a better way to connect with our diverse audience and with the world,” said Silverman.  “We wanted to start at the first step and give people a leg up, to address the system holistically.”

The emerging film directors workshop consists of a nine-month fellowship at Warner Bros. Participants will be assigned a Warner Bros. executive tutor who will guide them through the whole production process, from pitch to the premiere. The studios will give each filmmaker the funds and resources to develop their short film, and at the end, the studios will have a film festival where the final results will be exposed to experienced filmmakers, producers and agents.  The entire production process will be structured to mimic the feature production process, so that participants have the opportunity to craft their stories utilizing every aspect of studio filmmaking, from pitch to post. Enrollment is open to all candidates.

“By providing that access, as well as a professional network and funding for a short film, Warner Bros. will play a small part in developing the next generation of great storytellers, whether they work in film or television, at our studio or elsewhere,” added Silverman.

For more information about the workshop, please visit: http://filmworkshop.warnerbros.com/


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