Wanted Action Scripts Set in Asia

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DNF Films – Seeking Action Scripts Set in Asia

DNF is looking for completed feature-length action/thriller scripts. Submissions must be either written or easily adapted for shooting location in an Asian country (South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia) with American cast lead and co-star/supporting roles for Asian stars. (preferably an American story shot abroad, think “Taken”)

Budget will not exceed $25 million. WGA and non-WGA writers can submit at time.

DNF credits include Rumbero among others.

1. Please go to www.InkTippro.com/leads
2. Enter your email address (you will be signing up for InkTip’s newsletter – FREE!)
3. Copy/Paste this code: ycp0frdrw2
4. You will be submitting a logline and synopsis only.

IMPORTANT:  Please ONLY submit your work if it fits what the lead is looking for EXACTLY.  Mention you heard about this from Jeff Grund’s InfoList.

If you aren’t sure if your submission fits, please ask InkTip first.  Please email any questions to:  jerrol@inktip.com

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