Olmos Kontakto Entertainment Gets Down to Business

Olmos Kontakto Entertainment

Developing a Pool of Emerging Actors, writers and directors

On the heels of the announcement of their merger, Olmos Kontakto Entertainment (OKE) principals Isabel Echeverry and Erika Olmos announce the strides they are making for their clients and in production.

OKE announces that clients Rick Mancia has been added to the cast of the Hulu original series East Los High which recently began shooting its second season.

Maynor AlvaradoClient, director Henry Barrial’s award winning feature film Pig was released last week on DVD and other online platforms;  Bernardo Saracino will be seen in his second theatrical debut on March 21st in 50 to 1 directed and produced by Jim Wilson (Dances With Wolves);  while Maynor Alvarado shines as “Chato” in the film Cesar Chavez directed by Diego Luna and opening in theaters on March 28th;  and the film Levantamuertos directed by Miguel Nunez features client Daniel Galo as the lead which hits theaters throughout Mexico in the coming months.

OKE is also co-producing a documentary series with Café Racer films and showrunner Phillippe Denham (Whale Wars).  Other projects on deck include an adaptation by writing and producing team George Gomez and David Aguilar based on the best-selling novel The Inhabited Woman by Gioconda Belli about a bank heist film set to shoot in the Dominican Republic with Academy Award Winning Director Rajeev Dassini and actors Hemky Madera, Alina Vargas, Elias Jimenes, Eddie Martinez and Celestin Cornielle attached.  Co-founder Erika Olmos explains, “We have a large interest in working in and with the Dominican Republic and other Latino based countries.”

The advertising division is building its commercial productions with recent jobs including campaigns for Nissan World Cup produced by Believe Media, Disney World Resorts by Carbo Films, Taco Bell original music by Personal Music, Sony edited by Beast Editorial, Orbit Gum shot by Nunchaku and the Havana Film Festival produced by Boxer Films.



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