NHMC Comments On President Obama Nominee for FCC Commissioner

fcc-logoWashington, D.C. – President Obama announced the nomination of Mike O’Rielly as an FCC Commissioner yesterday. If confirmed, O’Rielly, a current aide to Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), would occupy the vacant, Republican position recently held by former-Commissioner Robert McDowell.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition’s  Vice President of Policy and Legal Affairs, Jessica J. Gonzalez had this to say on the nomination:

NHMC25 orig1 “NHMC looks forward to working with Mr. O’Rielly, pending his confirmation by the Senate, and hopes that he will embrace the goals of the Federal Communications Commission with respect to promoting diversity and competition in our media and telecommunications industries and protecting and informing consumers. Specifically, I hope to work together to ensure that the communications needs of the poor, rural communities, and people of color are fully met so that no group is left behind as our evolving technologies create new opportunities and challenges for all.

NHMC enjoyed a positive relationship with Mr. O’Rielly’s predecessor, former-Commissioner McDowell, and hope that we can foster a similar relationship once Mr. O’Rielly takes office.”

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