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Latinos are dying to tell their stories, and now they are able to do it so much easier than before.  Stories that are long time coming.  Stories about Latinos we have yet to see on mainstream TV or Spanish-Language TV for that matter.  Stories that are relatable to U.S. Latinos that live in a bi-cultural, bilingual and culture rich world.

Latin Heat receives so many requests for exposure from the many crowdfunding projects that are about these stories, that we decided to give you a glimpse of some of them.  They will be selected based on merit, experience of the creative team, content, talent attached and if our editorial team deems them to be commercially viable.

We are not recommending you invest, we are merely bringing them to your attention For Your Consideration.

twofeetinlogoWebseries:  Two Feet In


A tale of two Latinas, a daughter and her mother, are now roommates and embark on a journey of self discovery as they deal with dating, work, and family. Will they find the answers they’ve been looking for or continue to blame each other?  For more on story:

SEEKING TO RAISE:  $25,000 (In cash, loan of equipment, or in-kind)

Marissa Herrera (Creator/Co-Writer) was recently quoted in her feature interview on the PBS documentary, Art & the Mind: “I was born to dance…my calling is to create.” As a Visionary and leader  Marissa is “bending the rebar” for young Latinas globally. Marissa was recently recognized by Ford Motor Company in their 2016 national campaign “Unstoppable: Latina on the Move.”

JOE LUIS CEDILLO (Director & Co-Writer)  is a left-handed Chicano writer-director who works on stage and behind the camera.

MARABINA JAIMES (Producer/”Luz”)  is a multi talented Mexi-Rican Actress known for her Emmy win as host of the PBS series “Storytime!”.



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