Casting for The NHMC/LATC Latino Scene Showcase

casting call 3SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11pm ON JUNE 26, 2015

If you have already submitted through Actors Access DO NOT SUBMIT HERE

Audition Dates: July 17 & 18th
Callback Dates: July 19th

Casting Latino actors for the Latino Scene Showcase to be presented to TV network executives, managers, casting directors and agents on October 21, 2015.

The Latino Scene Showcase is presented by the National Hispanic Media Coalition and The Los Angeles Theater Center and features scenes written by NHMC TV Writers Program alumni and performed by Latino actors before an audience of television network executives, agents and managers.  For More info:

Selected actors to audition will be selected by:  July 21 21, 2015
Rehearsals are begin the first week of October

Submit Pix & Resume and link to video (if available)


NOTE:  Please indicate in the subject line which name of the character you are submitting for.  Submissions will be disregarded if the role is not indicated.

SCENE 1:  WHIPPED CREAM (Written by Leslie Valdes)

[ROBERTO] 30-ish, blue-collar, well-meaning guy’s guy, slightly geeky (a big video-game buff), and jokey—but with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.[GLENORA] 30-ish, power-suited go-getter, female CEO wannabe, yet alluring and sexy and she knows it; despite her self-focus, she’s got a wry sense of humor and has a real soft spot for her kids.[JUDGE] 40-60’s, bored, seen-it-all New Yorker type. He doesn’t suffer fools, although he does like to make them squirm.SCENE 2: BABY TALK (Written by Spiro Skentzos):[MARTIN] 25-35, A doctor, complete type-A, always together, usually keeps things in.  He hates driving.

[GABRIEL] 25-35, An LA native who is going through some employment issues, adding to the insecurities he feels about adopting.  They’ve been together for five years, married for one.

Tone of scene:
This is a dedicated couple in love.  Their feelings are grounded; it’s not parody.  This is a couple dealing with a major life change that pushes all their buttons, yet still try to keep a sense of humor about themselves.

SCENE 3: CANTINA (Written by Yolie Cortez)

[MIRANDA “RANDI” RAMIREZ] Hispanic, mid 30s, curvy, college-educated and strong willed.  She can come across as uptight, especially to her family, but she is actually quite unsure of herself, even more so after recently going through a messy divorce – not to mention, she hasn’t gotten laid in awhile.  Because of all the recent pressures and financial hardships in her life, she has returned home to regroup and help out with the family business – a kitschy family-owned cantina.

[CARMEN ORTIZ] Hispanic, late 20s, Chicano activist type with a “homegirl” style and attitude, complete with hoop earrings and outlined red lips.  She acts like a hard ass from the wrong side of the tracks, even though she grew-up in the suburbs and went to college.  A walking contradiction who scorns those Latinos who aren’t “in touch” with their culture, while she herself can’t speak a lick of Spanish.

[DANNY MORALES] Mid 30’s, blue collar handsome, manly, yet sensitive, studied poetry in college, but currently works as a Budweiser deliveryman.

SCENE 4: ROOMIE (Written by Sabrina Almeida)

[ROSS] 30s, pale Caucasian, overweight, elegant, gay, reserved. Dapper architect. Values love and stability. A very cultured individual. Has OCD tendencies.

[MATEUS] 40’s going on 21, Brazilian. Loud, bossy, entitled, out and proud diva. A total man ho. Always working on his tan. Steps in a room and makes his presence felt. Professional photographer used to bossing celebrities around. No one intimidates him.

[TOM] 30’s, race open. A sexy bad boy who hops from job to job. Fit and covered in tattoos. Looks tough, but is a teddy bear inside. Easy going. Lives for the moment. Popular with the ladies.

SCENE 5: THE DANDELION IN THE STORM (Written by Daniel Marquez)

[LEA] 14. A young cancer patient who has more bravery than someone her age should have. Despite the troubles in her life and the pain and tiredness in her face, she still has an optimistic twinkle in her eye. Her wisdom is beyond her years and has allowed her to accept death and think beautifully of it.

[JOEL] 21. Athletic and although sometimes immature for his age, he has the most compassion out of all of his siblings, He just hates to show it. Joel has always acted on impulse and doesn’t always think his decisions through. He chooses to ignore the elephant in the room because he doesn’t want his little sister to spend her last days with him in a depressing mood.

[ARACELY] 24. Lea and Joel’s beautiful older sister. Her wittiness and sarcasm add to her forward personality. Although sometimes conceited, she is lovable and caring to anyone she comes across. She will go a great distance to keep her family’s hearts from breaking, and even a further distance to keep her fingernails from breaking.

SCENE 6:  LA LINEA (written by Gabriel Vallejo)

[ANGEL SANTANA] 50’s, believes that every American he’s met is sanctimonious. He’ll never admit to his deep-rooted insecurity resulting from his Mexican immigrant background. He’s both a recovering alcoholic and a recovering malcontent. As a truck driver for more than 30 years he’s naturally patient, and he respects the law.  A part of him died when his wife of 35 years passed away. He lives for his only daughter, Cynthia.

[CYNTHIA SANTANA] 34 is a graduate student who hasn’t been in a serious relationship in a decade. She grew up witnessing her alcoholic father treat her mother like a second-class citizen. Over the years she’s learned to repress her resentment toward her father. As an only child, Cynthia has high self-esteem and she values her privacy. She loses herself in her academic studies and uses it as an excuse to be “busy,” and avoid committing to a serious relationship. Cynthia is an expert at dumping men when she senses that they have fallen for her.

[DANIEL MEDRANO] 35, is called ”guerito” by family and friends. He speaks perfect Spanish and he’s not ashamed of his Anglo physical features, despite the prejudice he has faced by his own Mexican/Latino community. He’s a border agent who feels that his window to settle down is closing. The only time he introduces a girlfriend to his parents is when he’s confident that “she’s the one.” This rarely happens and when it does, he’s smitten and madly in love.

SCENE 7: THE GRATIST MOM (Written by Maria Escobedo)

[ANITA] late 30s/early 40s, cool and ”with-it” mom, but has her limits. She is melancholy, thinking about how quickly her daughter has grown — and how quickly the rug is pulled out from under you.

[GINA] 12/13, Anita’s daughter, is unimpressed with everything (as tweens are at that age) and trying to take control of her life, even if that only means her wardrobe choices.

[MIKE] late 30s/early 40s, Anita’s husband/Gina’s Dad is hurt, frustrated and feels helpless.  He’s always fixed things, especially when it comes to his wife, but can’t get a handle on what is happening.

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