Sandra Santiago Cast in Indie “Time In Between”

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Sandra SantiagoActor Sandra Santiago has been cast in the indie film Time In Between shooting from July 1st, to July 30th on location in Los Angeles.

Based on a true story, Time in Between is a modern drama that chronicles the life of Sergio Marquez. Raised in a broken home and surrounded by the violence of East LA Sergio struggles to make his way as the number of drug casualties grow around him.

Ultimately, Sergio faces his own mortality as he flat lines five times and must choose between life and death.

Sandra Santiago’s recent credits include The Young and The Restless, Pendejo, Foreign Land and Chihuahua Day. She has worked alongside Hollywood greats such as Danny Trejo and Danny Glover. Santiago is also known for her extensive charitable work helping children get a better education and helping people get off drugs. Her contagious smile and laughter illuminates the silver screen.

Time In Between
Director: David Palomarese
Producer: Frank Aragon
Writer: Julien Cesario
Cast: Julien Cesario, Sandra Santiago

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