CASTING: Urban Latino Drama Series

Blanca Valdez Casting is looking for talent for a Non-Union Basic Cable Show (24 half hour shows) TV Show.    Auditions are at the end of this week

Title :  TBA – Urban Latino Drama Series

24 Half-Hour Shows (NON-UNION) for Basic Cable Network. 

Principals:  $ 1250 a week  

Day Players:  $ 250 a day 

Rate:  All media worldwide in perpetuity (complete buyout.) 

12 week shoot starting April 9.  

– Main Character Descriptions:  

ERIC (THE COOL GUY)  Athletic, very handsome, and affable – an all-around great guy.   All the guys want to be his friend, all the girls want to sleep with him.  A good friend, respectful of girls.  Starts dating the nicest, prettiest girl in school only to realize he’s falling for the bad girl. Latino, 18 years old. 
LUCERO  (THE TOUGH GIRL)  is distrustful, shutdown and angry at the world.  Does drugs, sleeps around.  However, beneath her tough girl exterior is an insecure soul longing for love and protection.  Beautiful, if she fixed herself up.   Latina, 18 yo. 

AMBER (THE ROMANTIC)   Beautiful, sexually inexperienced and extremely smart; she’s been scooped out of junior year obscurity after she starts dating Eric, one of the hottest seniors in high school.  Loves her parents and her three sisters.   Her life will change when she gets addicted to drugs.  Latina, 17 yo. 

DIMAS (THE HOT GUY)  He lives for the conquest: Once he sleeps with a girl he is ready to move on.  He will pretend to be a nice guy to get girls into bed… and it works.  Has no morals; he’s only out for himself.  A successful, self-made entrepreneur.  Latino, 20 yo. 

CAMILA (THE TROUBLE MAKER) is controlling, sexy and conniving.   A born instigator, she loves stirring-up drama.  She’s only happy when others around her are suffering.  Comes from a wealthy family who’ve given her everything — and she loves to flaunt it.  Gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed.   Mexican, 18 years old. 

NORMA – An attractive single mother.  Wanted to be a lawyer but had to abandon her dream when she got pregnant with Amber.  Works as a paralegal in downtown firm.  Funny, smart, down-to-earth.   She prides herself in being Amber’s mother as well as her best friend.  Latina, 30’s.  

RODRIGO – a handsome, blue-collar worker .   Never finished high school because he was thrown in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.   Lives for his children.   Puts all his energy into making sure his three sons get all the breaks he never got.   Latino, 30’s.
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One thought on “CASTING: Urban Latino Drama Series

  • March 16, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    Hola Blanca!!

    Jorge Luis Rodriguez me comento’ que estas buscando actores NON-UNION para el proyecto “Basic Cable Show”.
    Yo soy actor, he trabajado mucho en Mexico y Cuba; de ser posible me gustaria me audicionaras en el papel de Rodrigo o algun otro papel en el que yo entre en el perfil que necesites.
    De antemano muchas gracias

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