CASTING: Moms Who are Managing their Child’s Career

  Motherhood may be your life, but managing has become your career!

*  Are you a mom who has taken charge of your child’s career?
*  Is your child on the cusp of greatness – the next Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, or Daniel Radcliffe?
*  Are you putting your life on hold to get theirs on track?
*  Maybe you’re juggling other clients while trying to keep your kid a priority?
*  Are you there for all the auditions, dance classes, music lessons, and performances?
*  Or maybe your child is the next sports star, and you’ve hired all the best coaches, training, and are there for all the games?
*  Maybe you’re a mom who’s just been there every step of the way, or maybe you’re a mom who is already a manager, and saw a unique spark in your own child?

Whatever the case – if you’ve got a child that’s on the path for stardom, and you’re overseeing their career to do whatever it takes to get Top Billing for them – we want to hear from you!!

The star making casting company behind “Nashville Star” and “Jersey Shore” is searching NATIONWIDE for take-charge moms with superstar talent – and wants to shine the spotlight on the women behind the world’s next big stars!

There is pay if you are selected to be on the show – but more importantly, you’ll receive HUGE national exposure for you and your clients on a major network TV show!

Like Tina Knowles (Beyonce’), Pattie Mallette (Justin Beiber) and Gretchen Sheckler (Ryan Sheckler) before you, you’ve been blessed with the most talented kid in the world.  Music, sports, dancing, acting, etc… from your child’s first steps and first words, you recognized their star potential; and who better to lead them down the path to stardom than their own mother?  You know them better than anyone, and no one will ever be more committed to their success than you!

From dance classes to theater camp, auditions to call backs, you’ve been there every step of the way supporting your child’s destiny.  Whether you were already a working talent manager who discovered a “spark” in your own child, or the ultimate “mom” who’s figuring it out as she goes along…

If you are the mother of a burgeoning star between the ages of 12-25 who manages every detail of their budding career, we are looking for you!

IMPORTANT: Please note that the child talent must be ACTIVELY working in a professional capacity, and ready to make the big leap to superstar.  We are NOT looking for parents who simply think their child has exceptional talent.

Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration, and email ALL the information requested below ASAP to:
Be sure to include:
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  City/State where you live
4.  Name and age of your child
5.  Description of their talent (i.e., singer, dancer, gymnast, etc.)
6.  Please include your child’s resume
7.  A brief paragraph about your involvement with your child’s career, any notes of interest about their career and why they’re ready to make the transition to the big time
8.  Recent photo(s) of you and your child (jpg format please)
9.  Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at for priority consideration!

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