Casting: Film Shoots In New York

casting call 3

Actors Sought for NYU Thesis Film


Casting for the following roles:
Ann Florez, 20-30, young, over eager, ambitious teacher, fighter, determined, thinks she above second grade
Principal Lopez, 40-60, nice, assertive, logical, goofy, accommodating, charming, sensitive, caring, big heart, fatherly
Ms. Greenberg, 30-60, bitter, sour, no-nonsense, a teacher who seen it all, jaded, powerful, intimidating
Anthony Rodriguez , 6-10, trouble maker, kind, energetic, funny, fighter
Cynthia, 6-10, smart, ambitious, kiss up, tattle-tale, sensitive
Ms. Rodriguez, 25- 40, single mom, hard worker, nice, kind, loving, tough, strong


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