Casting Family Feature Film

Lead & Supporting Roles (Non-Union)

Family Feature Film is now casting the following roles (Non-Union):


HAL: (Male / early 30s – early 40s / Caucasian) – Suburban, amiable, loving father and husband.  White bread all American.

LISA:  (Female / late 20s – late 30s / Caucasian) – Suburban, attractive, loving mother and wife

LILY:  (Female / 6-10 yrs old / Caucasian) – All American girl next door.  Witty, sweet, intelligent, independent young girl.


BILL:  (Male / early 30s – early 40s) – Cocky, self centered, bad mannered braggart

TIFFANY:  (Female / late 20s to late 30s) – Bill’s stuck up “trophy wife”.  Just breaking a nail would more than ruin her day!

JASON:  (Male / 6-10 years old) – Bill and Tiffany’s bad mannered brat of a son. A real “chip off the old block”!

Auditions and shoot in the Los Angeles area.
Pay is approximately $100 per day (negotiable)

Be sure to mention  Jeff Gund,, and email your HEADSHOT, RESUME, and (if available) a LINK to any online Demo Reels or Samples of your work, to:

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