NALIP Announces U.S. Hispanic Drama Series Incubator Program

Los Angeles, CA – NALIP has announced the U.S. Hispanic Drama Series Incubator program (under NALIP’s Latino Lens Incubators) supported by Univision and Televisa in an effort to boost Latino diversity in Television and production!

NALIP is conducting an internal search for talented, U.S.-based writers to participate. Ideal candidates are U.S.-based bilingual (Spanish/English) NALIP members who have demonstrated an ability to craft fresh, authentic and original stories reflecting the social and cultural reality of the current U.S. Latino market and environment.


•Must be a NALIP member
•Director’s reel and/or writing sample
•Crew – Who are your team members?
•Title & Logline of concept
•Offer a modern, fresh & innovative take on the Latino experience, while still relating to Univision/Televisa’s core audience
•Culturally and socially relevant to Latinos today
•Demonstrate ability to develop rich story and character development arcs through many episodes and seasons
•Projection of the present and future, while respecting the past
•Command English & Spanish – Spoken & Written
•Concept must not​reflect the stereotypical tropes of maids, ranchers, damsel in distress

To apply, CLIK HERE

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