Award-winning TV Journalist Sues Jenni Rivera Estate for “Unbreakable” Book Royalties


Jenni Rivera & Laura Lucio

By Bel Hernandez

UPDATE:  1/30/14 Jenni Rivera Enterprise Response to allegations in Laura Lucio’s lawsuit below.

Award-winning TV journalist Laura Lucio, and a close friend of the late Jenni Rivera, has filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Inc.; Estate of Jenni Rivera; Executor Rosie Rivera Flores; ex-Manager Pete Salgado; A yana Musical; Universal Music Group; Simon & Schuster; and others.  Lucio claims in her lawsuit that “she was the author of the manuscript that ultimately formed the basis for the book Unbreakable…” published by Atria Books, a Simon and Schuster property on July 2, 2013.

In a video posted by Penguin Español on October 27, 2013 Lucio announced her plans to publish a book entitled Mi Vida Loca through Penguin Español, that she claims she and Rivera began writing in 2005.  In her lawsuit she claims that after this announcement Lucio “received a threatening phone call from Rosie Rivera Flores, Executor of the Estate of Jenni Rivera. In this phone call, Ms. Rivera Flores demanded that Ms. Lucio cease and desist from publishing and releasing Mi Vida Loca, informed Ms. Lucio that, henceforth, all communications between them would be through legal counsel only, and asked that Ms. Lucio refrain from any further communication with members of the Rivera family, including Jenni Rivera’s children.”  Lucio was forced to postpone the publishing of her book.

According to a press release sent by Lucio’s attorney, Walter F. Wiggins, Jr., Lucio is now claiming that since the book Unbreakable is based on her collaborations with Rivera she is rightfully entitled to royalties.  The press release further states that “after numerous failed attempts to obtain accurate information pertaining to outstanding royalty payments due Ms. Lucio; information pertaining to the publication and release of the book Unbreakable; answers regarding why certain individuals were frustrating the realization of projects undertaken by Ms. Lucio, that would inure to the benefit of the Estate of Jenni Rivera…” the decision to file legal action was made.

A counter lawsuit on behalf of the Estate of Jenni Rivera and all the defendants listed on the lawsuit is said to be forthcoming from the Law office of Anthony R. Lopez, a Beverly Hills attorney.

UPDATE:  1/30/14 Jenni Rivera Enterprise Response to allegations in Laura Lucio’s lawsuit below.

“As an organization, Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Inc. is committed to holding ourselves to the highest of standards – both related to the performance of our employees, officers and to our responsibility to the legacy of Jenni Rivera. We take seriously any allegations like those outlined in the press release distributed by Ms. Lucio, but stand firm that these specific allegations are simply not true and without merit.

We believe the proper place to disclose the facts of this case are in the courtroom and look forward to that opportunity. Our greatest concern is the disparaging remarks made about specific officers and employees. These are individuals who are dedicated to their jobs and work hard every day to help Jenni Rivera Enterprises excel and achieve our vision for the legacy of Jenni Rivera, and any assertion to the contrary is baseless.”

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