Top Ten ALMA Awards After-Party Observations

“She really shouldn’t have left her ALMA Award laying around!”


By Al Carlos Hernandez
Reprinted with permission. September 18, 2012


10. Looks like George Lopez brought a rental girlfriend.

9. Eddie Olmos likes to have long conversations around the food, effectively blocking people from the cheese platters.

8. There was a special roped-off room for the A-Listers, which separated the semi-famous from the Network famous.

7. Network famous folks walk stone faced through the crowd, which I mistook for constipation.

6. Best looking women I have ever seen in one place in my whole life.

5. Some dude introduced me to his husband.

4. Marlene Forte said I was hot in person; Pastor D, who was with me, slapped me back to reality.

3. The band was in an abandoned room where no one danced, yet many people watched them on the TVs.

2. The skewered meat on those little sticks where great until I noticed there were no squirrels around.

1. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.

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