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Self appointed Common Sense Mamita, Lydia Nicole is dishing out the common sense and audiences are loving it!

Every Thursday catch Nicole’s new episode of Common Sense Mamita where she will give advice, tips and sometime just plainly point out Hollywood’s lack of common sense.

No topic is taboo.  From dating, texting, houseguest and even “how to get your cojones back”!?

Now your Common Sense Mamita is putting out the ultimate quiz.  Find out if you have any common sense by taking it now!


Lydia Nicole on why she felt she needed to start the Common Sense Mamita Vlog:  I am the “go to person” for advice to my friends. It has been that way since I was a child. Over the years I found myself giving repeated “common sense” advice that I felt all people should know. I started finding out that quite a few people were lacking common sense. I found myself reading Facebook posts that proved it. It started disturbing me because growing up in Spanish Harlem common sense was something you just had to have. Then I found myself keeping a notebook in my car and near my bed as well as dry markers by my bathroom mirror so I could jot down my thoughts and the results were a Common Sense vlog. The original title was Common Sense Guru, but I found out that name was taken after I started doing the vlogs so the new name will be Common Sense Mamita. Why Common Sense Mamita?  Because as a former Hot & Spicy Mamita [an all female comedy troupe] that is what I am, a Hot and Spicy Common Sense Mamita. I bring the truth with humor.


At the end of every Common Sense Mamita Vlog, Nicole invites any suggestions.     To submit ideas:     CommonSenseMamita@gmail.com

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