Sofia Vergara Might Be Engaged

Modern Family Actress Celebrates Her Birthday With A Ring

Nick Leob surprised Sofia Vergara this week at her 40th birthday celebration in a spectacular way while by presenting the Modern Family star a shiny new ring, hinting that the couple may be engaged after splitting up two months ago. One would think.  However, according to sources and  including the star herself, the couple is not engaged. delivers the news, “As of today, Sofia is not engaged”, after a Mexico-based rep confirmed that information.

Vergara was seen wearing the shiny ring on her ring finger during her birthday celebration (check out the video below). After getting back together in the beginning of June, Leob joined the actress, along with 108 of her closest friends and family, for her birthday celebration at the Riviera Maya in Mexico and presented her the ring.

However, if the rumors prove to be true, this would be Leob’s, a businessman with political aspirations, first marriage and Vergara’s second.


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