Rick Najera Post Elections and Holiday Thought…

… Latinos will change America for the better. We matter.


Rick Najera


I am more and more convinced that Latinos will have to be not a second thought to political parties, but the first thought. We must put our Latino needs first… because we are the future of this country. We are the soul of this country. Our education or lack of education… our access to media or lack of access will decide if this country prospers and leads in this century or declines.

Our Latino future is America’s future and that’s my prayer for this season.


About Rick Najera:

Mr. Najera is an award-winning actor-writer-director-producer with credits in film, television, theatre and Broadway. He is undeniably one of the most sought after comedic talents in the industry. Honored twice by Hispanic Business Magazine as ‘100 Most Influential Latinos in America’, Najera is also one of the most powerful voices in the Latino world today.

A pro-education activist, he successfully advocated for California’s education bill Yes on 30.

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