Radio Hosts Omar & Argelia Publish ‘Amor al Aire’

Los Angeles, CA – Amor al Aire (Love’s in the air) is the title of radio hosts Omar Velasco and Argelia Atilano‘s first book, published by Harper Collins.

In Amor al Aire, the real-life couple who hosts the morning show, El Show de Omar y Argelia on the Spanish radio station K-LOVE 107.5 FM share  their innermost thoughts about life, family and their own story together that started nine years ago after they got married.

Velasco and Atilano told Latin Heat how important it is for them to share their personal experiences, lifestyle, anecdotes and challenges to the Hispanic community , who have been supporting the show for almost a decade. El Show de Omar y Argelia is currently LA’s #1 morning drive Spanish show among female listeners.

When asked about how they can manage their careers if they both live under the same roof and at the same time share the same radio booth, the young couple said that they have learned how to balance their life.

This book represents a dialogue between Velasco and Atilano. On the seven chapters in which the book is divided, they describe their personal relationship and what it means to work in the same career as well. In Amor al Aire, the young couple tell the readers how they have been able to survive difficulties in their lives, how they have conquered the hearts of millions of Spanish-speaking radio listeners in the United states and also invite the audience to follow their dreams.

During the interview, Velasco recommended the young students to persevere and never quit in their dreams, “do no let anyone to tell you can’t do this or that, be perseverant and do what you like to do”.

In Amor al Aire, Omar and Argelia also gather all the anecdotes they have had with important stars such as Joan Sebastian, Enrique Iglesias, Vicente Fernandez, Soraya, Jenni Rivera, among others.

“Amor Al Alaire” can be purchased through, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Northgate supermarkets, Target and Walmart.

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