PR Titan on Post Elections: Let’s Ree-boot!

By Elia Esparza

Woke up this morning with a major presidential elections hangover! Feel like I need some of my mama’s menudo. But instead went on Facebook and everyone is Monday morning quarterbacking. I read many comments but my favorite post is one coming from Gabriel Reyes, President and Founder of Reyes Entertainment, one of the top Latino marketing firms in Hollywood and the nation.

He presents a “ree-boot” — a modest proposal for change and asks if we’re in:


1. Campaign Duration Limit: 90 Days

2. Campaign Spending limits: $5 million

3. 4-year congressional terms. Term Limit: 2. That’s it. Go back home and get a job.

4. No special govt.-funded retirement and health care for congress. They find their own just like all Americans.

5. Regulate greedy vulture businesses (you know who you are, yes, American Airlines, I’m looking at you) currently shaking down Americans.

6. Replace Glass-Steagall and curtail casino investment houses from acting like commercial banks and gambling away the middle class’ pensions.

7. Abolish IRS and the FED. 10% flat tax across the board for all individuals and businesses paid directly to the Treasury. If you make less than $25K/year. You dont pay taxes. No deductions/No schedule this and form that.

8. Cut defense budget by 5% and use money to partner with businesses to launch massive new energy and infrastructure renewal program. Create millions of new jobs across America.

9. Bring soldiers home and instead deploy trade, business and humanitarian missions abroad (armed, where needed, of course).

10. Treat foreign countries like friends, not like adversaries that need to be punished.

11. Legalize same sex marriage

12. Legalize pot and tax it for additional revenues.

13. Let women do the job men obviously cannot do.

Well, Gabriel Reyes, I think you’ve given us a lot to think about!

Some of my favorite feedback comments include:


“Flawed, Where’s the immigration reform.”

Mr. Reyes responds: “Not flawed. Incomplete. Yes, immigration reform. Path to citizenship, pass dream act, Legalize America.”

“Hilary 2016”

“What country in the world legalizes all the undocumented immigrants that arrive to their countries, just because?”

Mr. Reyes responds: “One that needs them and is not afraid of them. That’s what makes America great!”

“Yes, I agree. But I had to pay $10,000… why shouldn’t everybody have to pay for it instead of getting it for free?”

Mr. Reyes responds: “Oh, it wouldn’t be free. Path to citizenship stipulates mandatory fees, education, military and/or community service, etc. All the things we need to be asking of ALL Americans. Just common sense.”

Thank you, Gabriel, for your insightful insight!

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