Pablo Azar Helps Raise Awareness With PETA

Corazón Valiente star Bashes Bullfighting, Circuses


Pablo Azar in New PETA Campaign


Pablo Azar Appears in New PETA Campaign, Speaks Up for Animals Abused in Entertainment

Miami, FL— Star of the mega-hit Telemundo series Corazón Valiente, actor Pablo Azar is featured in a PETA public service announcement (PSA) that urges families to set a good example for their children by steering clear of “entertainment” that hurts or kills animals, including circuses and bullfights. He also appears in a new PETA ad, shackled in chains, below the words “Boycott the Circus.” A high-resolution version of the ad is available here, and a broadcast-quality version of the video PSA can be downloaded here (Spanish) and here (English).

In the video, Azar explains how bulls are beaten and drugged even before they enter the bullring, where men on blindfolded horses drive lances andbanderillas into the bulls’ backs and necks to weaken them further before matadors attempt to kill them. “What are we teaching our kids when they watch people on TV cheering and screaming when a bull is tortured and is slowly dying?” asks Azar. “People have to start to understand that if we really want to set a good example, if we want to have a better world, we can’t start from a base of abuse.”

Azar joins a long list of celebrities—including Kate del CastilloCharoPaola ReyWilmer Valderrama, and Roselyn Sánchez—who have teamed up with PETA to speak out against abusing and killing animals for entertainment.

An award-winning painter, Azar has also donated a painting to PETA to help raise awareness for animals in need.

For more information about his campaign or to enter for a chance to win his painting, please visit

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