Nathalie Tolentino Relishes Her Role in “La Amante del Libertador”

rehearsal time in Callao- Lima
Natalie Tolentino co-stars as a rebel fighting for the liberation of Peru from Spain in 1820’s.

 La Amante del Librador

Premieres October 30, 2014 

A Love of Acting and Lima’s Historical Architecture Brings Out Best in Young Actress

Lima, Peru — It is not often an actress gets an opportunity to work on a film that combines all the elements of her two passions: Acting and Peruvian Historical Architecture. Actor/Filmmaker Nathalie Tolentino co-stars in Rocio Llado’s epic film, La Amante del Libertador, which premieres in Peru on Thursday, October 30, 2014. The Spanish-language film was screened in New York this past Spring.

Tolentino, Peruvian born, American-based, portrays “Violeta,” a Peruvian woman living in Lima during Peru’s fight for independence from Spain in 1821. Violeta’s love of Peru turned her into a rebel who fought hard battles and sacrificed her life for this country’s independence.

“It is an epic love story that includes a beautiful colonial estate in native land,” said Tolentino. “I have always been passionate about the preservation of Lima’s historical structures and architecture, especially during the 1800’s because they hold secrets and historical facts about all that our forefathers and mothers sacrificed for our independence.”

 La Amante del Libertador is two different stories set in two era’s: eighteen-twenties and present day. The people in both stories have one thing in common: Love of country, independence and love of the home they live in—a beautiful colonial Peruvian mansion first built in 1820. The woman who once owned it still inhabits it as the resident ghost protecting it at all costs. She will not allow anyone or force to demolish it. Two era’s – 1820’s alternating with present day- a then and now tale about Lucia, a Peruvian journalist who is based in Madrid. She has found recognition and love next to Rodrigo, editor of the Spanish JetSet Magazine. After decades of being away, Lucia reluctantly returns to Lima to consider a huge development proposal but it requires the demolition of her sister’s colonial mansion. There is a huge obstacle: Lucia’s sister does not want to sell the property let alone demolish it. She claims she has been in contact with a ghost who has inhabited the house since 1821. Everything changes when she witnesses the presence of the ghost herself. La Amante del Liberador’s parallel story unfolds transporting Lucia a century back during the Spanish oppression. In the end, both stories intertwine and Lucia must make life-altering decisions.

“As Violeta,” explained Tolentin, “I am a rebel, a citizen of Lima who helps the cause and fights for Peru’s liberty against the Spaniards. Violeta fought hard, loved harder so when she is marched in front of the firing squad, she holds no regrets.”

The film holds great doses of mystery, romance that is narrated between two eras. “To destroy the colonial mansion would be to negate the sacrifices for those who fought for our liberation,” Tolentino added.

In addition to attending the premiere of La Amante del Librador, Tolentino is also in Lima premiering a film she executive produced, Edificio Central, which is an official section in competition at the International Short Film Festival FENACO Cusco Peru, November 12 to 15th. Tolentino’s film has already won the prestigious Concurso Nacional de Corto Metrajes del Ministerio de Cultura de Peru.

Peruvian filmmaker and artist, Diana Daf-Collazos and Tolentino joined forces to create Edificio Central a film that chronicles the director’s childhood as she walks through the building in Lima that once dominated her youth.

“I was working with some other filmmakers in Peru looking for a unique topic for a new documentary and the idea for Edificio Central was brought to us by Diana [Daf-Collazos] who spent a lot of her childhood in the building,” said Tolentino. “Edificio Central is a collaborative effort produced with the team of DOCUPERU.”

Our film is a labor of love for the young Tolentino. “I have a special connection with the Historical Center of Lima. I admire the colonial and modern architecture since it’s the city I grew up in,” Tolentino said. For more information on Edificio Central, visit:

For Nathalie Tolentino being back in Lima working in an important film like La Amante del Liberador and premiering a film she executive produced, is a surreal and magical experience. “Historic preservation is very important to me. I am a lover of historical architecture. It is very exciting to seek to preserve, conserve and protect buildings, objects, landscapes that hold such historical significance,” affirmed Tolentino. “My love of Lima and the beauty of our structures is something we must protect for future generations. The incredibly beautiful structures are part of Lima’s history and to destroy them would be tragic—they make up an inherent part of our Peruvian liberation.”

Nathalie Tolentino is a good actress and her role as Violeta demonstrates the versatility of her acting range. She can do it all on stage, on film, and on television. Tolentino is also a lover of historical architecture, especially that of her native Lima’s.

Whether she is acting in an important film like La Amante del Liberador or producing films to preserving historical landmarks, she is a woman who embodies her skill of craft without boundaries.

La Amante del Liberador
A film by Rocío Lladó
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Rosen
Production Companies: Comunicación Audiovisual, Triangle Entertainment
Screenwriter: Rocío Lladó
Cinematographer: Mario Bassino
Editor: Carlos Alvarez Pacheco
Sound Design: Rosa Maria Oliart
Music: Antonio Gervasoni

Cast: Wendy Vasquez, Ana Maria Estrada, Gonzalo Revoredo, Luis Galli, Christian Rivero, Nathalie Tolentino, Katherina D’onofrio, Claudio Calmet, Rossana Fernandez Maldonado, Monica Hoyos

About Nathalie Tolentino:
She is a multi-talented Actress, Producer, Freelance Film Editor and Human Resources Manager based in New York City. Originally from Lima-Peru she studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-New York, The Odin Theater in Denmark and Universidad San Martin in Lima. She divides her time working on Advertising, Theater TV & film projects in New York and Peru.

About “Edificio Central”:
Written and directed by Diana Daf-Collazos, executive produced by Nathalie Tolentino, a collaborative effort produced with the team of DOCUPERU.  Edificio Central is narrated in Spanish with English subtitles and it’s a film that art lovers, historians and architectural aficionados will find a special connection.  For more information on “Edificio Central” screening, visit:–documentary-peru-2014.html

DOCUPERU is a Peruvian organization that has specialize in promoting independent documentary production in the country as well as in the consolidation of a space for documentary discussion. Their mission is to document, promote, produce and to encourage, decentralize documentary processes and products as an empowerment and expression tools aiming the improving of different Peruvian regions, with an educational, intercultural and collective development approach.


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