Natasha Perez’s ‘Bad’ Role in Tony Vidal’s “Baja” Which Opens April 13

Los Angeles, CA – Actress/Singer/Writer Natasha Perez (Lady in the Water, E.R) is back on the big screen, this time joining the cast of Baja, the movie, a fun romantic comedy where Natasha plays a bad girl.

Baja tells the story of four 22-year-olds who struggle with their lives when they travel to Mexico during a holiday break. Jessica is told by her ball busting film instructor to return from Christmas break with an extraordinary completed movie, or don’t bother. Lisa cares for her demanding mother, who suffers from an assortment of unspecified maladies. Then there’s Todd, a self-styled brash adventurer, who is knocked for a loop when his trust fund evaporates. And finally, Bryan, a borderline nerdy, who is habitually exploited by his employer and parents, who expect him to drive their luxurious RV all the way to Cabo, alone.

Born and raised in Venezuela Natacha began her acting career with roles in commercials and children’s theatre productions under the guidance of her family of entertainers and advertising legends.

Perez recently appeared in funny sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside Channing Tatum and Guillermo Diaz. She also appeared as one of the stars of the PBS documentary Now en Español, which featured the actress who played the lead roles dubbing Desperate Housewives on ABC for Spanish speaking audiences in the United States. She has been the voice of hundreds of commercials for many brands, and has held starring roles in Grey’s Anatomy (as Lexy Grey) as well in the hit ABC show Lost (as Kate) among many other dubbing roles in film and television.

Perez was part of LA Comedy Fest 2018 this March, as well as the latest Short and Sweet Festival with a musical solo show written and performed by her and directed by Rick Najera and Ariane Price (Bridemaids).

Shot in Baja California, this American film, directed by Mexican-American director Tony Vidal (Prankster) features an acclaimed cast of actors such as Emmy-nominated Mark Margolis (Better Call Saul, Scarface), Kurt Fuller (Midnight in Paris, Wayne’s World), veteran sitcom actress Cynthia Stevenson, the great Mexican film and theatre actor José Sefami (Señorita Pólvora, Amores Perros), the solicited Hondurian José Zuñiga (Madam Secretary, American Crime Stories, CSI), Colombian actor Andres Londono (Fear the Walking Dead). The cast also includes actors Jake Thomas Chirs Brochu and Michelle DeShon; featuring beautiful imagery and a diverse cast, as well as a world class music soundtrack put together by Greg Landau, a Grammy-nominated producer of Latin music.

The film opens on Friday, April 13th at AMC Theatres, in 18 cities nationwide.

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