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By Mary Chuy

After the tremendous feedback we got from our spotlight on celebrity websites and their social media habits in April, we decided to keep digging – not an easy assignment if our favorite movie and TV stars and performing personalities do not have a website! How can that be? Where are the Latino celebrities and their web pages?  Is it possible that they are just as addicted to Facebook as I am?

I don’t blame you! Having an instant and direct contact with friends, family and fans is awesome! There is only one problem, some of you don’t have me as a friend so if you are reading this, dear super star, please add me! Tweet me, Skype me but please keep in contact with me, so I can make sure to include you on my “Hot Latinos in Social Media” next month. Meanwhile, here is what my web excavation came up with:


Stars Hot Web Pages

Michelle RodriguezMichelle Rodriguez

Ella es salvage! Sensual and very dangerous! And this is also how I describe her website along with it being fast and furious! I have been a huge fan ever since her amazing role in Girl Fight and I fell in love with her person after reading about her life story and childhood years. Michelle is a true inspiration. What I love more about her website is the cute photos of her before the fame… she was and still is adorable only now she’s just a little tougher.

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Shakira shakira-1

Esta nueva mama, pareciera tenerlo todo. A handsome hubby, a great singing career and the cutest baby! And, she also has a killer website! She is just amazing! Esta Colombiana sure knows how to work her hips and her brain as well. On her website you will find videos, the  latest news and tons of personal photos of her little Milan.

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Screening Of Columbia Pictures And Sony Pictures Animation's "Hotel Transylvania" - ArrivalsSelena Gomez

Dios Mio! Con esta chiquita, ya no tan chiquitita! no se ni por donde empezar! What happened? It feels like it was yesterday when I was watching her on  Barney and Friends! and now it’s like WOW! When did this happen? On Selena’s website you will find everything because she does everything! You’ll find info about her tour, perfume, her K-Mart clothing collection, charity work and much more! Esta jovencita si que salio toda una cajita de sorpresas, good for her!

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Luis Fonsiluis fonsi

Este hombre es un poeta! I’m in love. While I’m writing about his website, I’m listening to his hit song “Gritar” from his latest album “Tierra Firme.” His website is packed with lots of information — fans will love it… It’s complete, professional and elegant, just like him.

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marcAnthonyMarc Anthony

Esta salsita si que esta rica! This man is simply a combo of hotness and talent. OK, I’m in love with Marc too! Sorry Luis Fonsi, and sorry to my husband but este hombre me volvió loca! Chicas be very careful if you visit this page! I haven’t even searched the whole site yet because I’m stuck on one page totally mesmerized watching his new video with Tito el Bambino, and now I’m day dreaming. Sigh.

Just go and visit his website, I’m sure you will enjoy it and make sure to check out his the video on the first page “Por que les mientes” Esa voz me mata!

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Bruno Mars (Peter Hernandez) Bruno-Mars2

Por fin se dio cuenta de su gran error! He should have bought me  flowers when he was my main man! Too late Bruno! But I love your songs!  Seriously, his website is awesome! You’re able to watch his sizzling videos, find info on his tour, read his bio… it’s the whol enchilada, baby! You will love it!

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Who Is Hot On Twitter?

William-Levy-726x1024William Levy 

Ay Papi! one tweet from a fan reads… Deja y me la como rapido antes q me pare la Poli…;-) and there is a photo of a popular chips brand (unas papitas)… Pero que cosa mas grande caballero! This is one HOT Latino that drives all of us girls crazy with our tweets to him and his to us… his fans.  He posts photos of his daily life and updates on the new novela “La tempestad” and he will let you know if he’s tired, relaxing or just plain happy. This man is a communicator! One of the things that I love most about this Cubanito… he is the real deal.

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Genesis Rodriguezgenesis-rodriguez-premiere-the-last-stand-02

Esta nina, no solo es súper talentosa, pero también super charismatic y bella! She is the daughter of international superstar “El Puma”  the singer our mothers are madly in love with him. Any way, Genesis is unstoppable!  She keeps her fans up to date with her daily tweets and links to her Instagram photos. I can tell she love interacting with her funs! because she says “good night” to her fans with a heart and sleepy face.

And you can follow her here:

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 “Los Facebookeros”

Tito Puento JrTito Puente, Jr. 

Mi querido Tito, what can I say, he’s as awesome as dad was! He is one of the rare celebrities who is not afraid to post photos of his cute kids and his beautiful wife on Facebook. He has definitely grown up! El hijo del fallecido rey de los timbales “Tito Puente” es todo un padre de familia, and I guarantee, you will enjoy reading his daily updates.. a favorite of mine is reading each morning: “Good morning earth.”  He is an inspiration and I’m very proud to call him a friend.


Roselyn Sanchezroselyn Sanchez

Esta bella y talentosa actriz Puertoriquena one of the stars on  Devious Maids is one of the most active Facebook famous members! She is active with her posts about Devous moments, family photos, to her dedication fighting for animal rights. This passionate boric is not afraid to speak up her mind when it comes to telling the truth about what she strongly believes in. She has strength and integrity… that is what I love most about her. I enjoy reading her Facenbook page and about her  passion for helping those who can defend themselves. Bravo Roselyn, you tell them!

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Up and Coming Actors and True Inspirations

Oscar torreOscar Torre

OK, this one is a tricky one because he is a good friend. So I will try very hard to be objective. Here it goes.  His is HOT and Talentosisimo! He is an actor/producer and now director. You may know him from Cane as Santo or from CSI Miami and if you don’t know him yet, you well very soon! since he will be playing officer Vasquez on the upcoming film Hangover Part III  — any way, “LIKE”

his page and learn more about this future Oscar contender!

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Lourdes Colon Lourdes Colon

I have not words to describe her! She inspires each and every day! She is an amazing actress and you may recognize her from Without a Trace where she plays Ana Rodriguez and received an EMMY nominations. What I love most about Lourdes is her courage, her love of life and dedication to help and inspire others.  Lourdes was diagnosed with cancer and instead of feeling hopeless and defeated, she decided to document her journey to inspired others by creating her documentary Option C, She is a true inspiration, a good friend and  a role model. To learn more about her here:

and watch Create Option C Presentation


Lourdes also was named Latina of Influence  by Hispanic Lifestyle magazine:


 Internet Latina Health Sensations!

Kristina CarrilloFully Raw Kristina Carrillo

I’m sharing a Hollywood secret that few stars want you to know about. Stars like Demi Moore and super model Carol Alt, these ladies and other stars follow an raw food eating lifestyle by chef Kristina Carrillo.  Kristina also happens to be my personal chef, my inspiration and my super hero! I absoletely adore her! I can’t go a day without watching one of her videos I need her in my life! And yes I only eat raw food too! And, have never felt healthier or happier just as she promised.  But there are many other secrets… Kristina is someone you will be hearing a lot about as her star continues to grow with her celebrity success testimonials. Grow younger, get healthier and get inspired everyday with Fully Raw Kristina for FREE! here:

 Pages You Need To Know!

Keep Moving Project

Why? Because this is where your heroes want to work with you! Some of the past opportunities  included working with Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez and Neil Gaiman and there are new projects you can participate coming up soon!

And that is it for this time, I hope you all enjoy this amazing webpages and their famous and hot owners, until next time, keep it cool!  Send me your comments or suggestions for this Hot Stars Web and Social Media list.



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