Mariza at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Mariza.FadoTuesday, Nov, 12th  at 8pm

Having made such an impression during the opening season of Walt Disney Concert Hall (and subsequently), captivating fado singer Mariza returns in this anniversary year with her full-throttle delivery and dramatic stage presence. A universal artist with a strong Portuguese identity, she performs songs filled with heartfelt emotion, adding flamenco and blues to traditional and contemporary fado.

Mariza was born to a Portuguese father and a mother of partia African heritage. At age three, her family moved to Metropolitan Portugal and she was raised in Lisbon’ historic quarters of Mouraria and Alfama. While very young she began singing in a wide variety of musical styles, including gospel, soul and jazz.  Her father strongly encouraged her to adopt fado; he felt that participating in the traditional music would grant her greater acceptance in the Portuguese community. Mariza has sold over 1,000,000 records worldwide.

In 2010, Mariza was featured in the pilot episode of the PBS music sereis, SoundTracks: Music Without Borders singing the “global hit” — “Minh’ Alma.”


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